Hot Rods and Horse Drawn Carriages!!!

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Mr & Mrs Clinard-1Mr & Mrs Clinard-1 Mr & Mrs Clinard-58Mr & Mrs Clinard-58 We had the best time with Heather & Matt at Twin Cedar Farm! We always urge couples to have a wedding THEY want; do what makes sense to them. And this wedding was just that – a wedding that embodied them, their families and their friends. We could not be happier they chose us to capture every little moment of their wedding.

Before I tell their story, I need to thank some folks.  Thank you to:

Lindsay Barrows Ruggieri and Custom Love Gifts & Events

April Mcglothin and Twin Cedar Farm

Betsy Lewis Allyson - Memories in A Flash Photo Booths

Brian Graham - Brian Graham DJ

Catering by Buddy’s BBQ

Jennifer Reynolds – Country Cottage (Hair & Make Up)

Wedding gown by Alfred Angelo

Karen Dwyer - The Pour Guys

Cynthia Thompson - Officiant

Chandra Taylor – The Top Tier at Mer Mer’s Bakery (cakes)


And a very special thanks to my wife for all the love and support she gives me.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s back up and start at the beginning. We met at The Pink Bride Show in January. They signed an agreement at the show. We love that! We then met to discuss particulars. When we meet and talk to brides & grooms, we talk about the complete process – not just photographs. I need to know their priorities. I need to know their personalities & style.  I look for clues that’ll help me on wedding day. They were so easy going and knew what they wanted. They were focused on making sure each other’s ideas were implemented throughout the day.

Once we sorted out the details, as much as they knew at that time, we agreed to reconvene for engagement photos later in the summer. As luck would have it, rain was forecast for the day of the engagement session. I urged them to go ahead with the shoot. If we get completely rained out, then we’ll reschedule. But who knows, we might get some magic & it may not rain at all. 


We were not so fortunate. They rain came. They huddled under an umbrella for 20 minutes or so. It was right then I knew they were going to be a great couple to work with. They just loved on one another and made a little romantic rendezvous under the umbrella. But as quick as the rain came, it left. And it left us with a rainbow! Magic delivered!!! Engagement-22Engagement-22


That’s just the beginning. On wedding day I met Heather and her girls at The Country Cottage. This little joint is owned by the Matron of Honor, Jennifer. And it was like being in the Steel Magnolias beauty shop scene. The ladies all set about having a good gossip session, laughing and loving on one another the way only great friends can. Country Cottage-1Country Cottage-1 Country Cottage-2Country Cottage-2 Country Cottage-27Country Cottage-27


I then headed to Twin Cedar Farm to capture the venue & grounds. If you’ve been then you know how special it is. If you’ve not been, go! The setting is lovely, their staff is prepared and quick to respond to little issues that pop up. And it’s quite photogenic. Plus the carriage that brings in the bride and takes away the couple is so special. I can’t imagine how that must feel to the bride. Twin Cedar Farm-4Twin Cedar Farm-4 Twin Cedar Farm-6Twin Cedar Farm-6 Twin Cedar Farm-8Twin Cedar Farm-8


Then we moved through the day. We started with the Matt, his father and his groomsmen.




Allyson, my amazing wife & second shooter, was with the ladies as they put on finishing touches and got the bride into her gown.  This is one of the reasons we recommend a second shooter. There are often multiple events happening during the final hour of preparation. Plus, having my wife with the ladies is most helpful as it pertains to partially clothed women. Not to mention, my wife has such a calming presence. Bride Prep-6Bride Prep-6 Bride Prep-7Bride Prep-7 Bride Prep-10Bride Prep-10 Bride Prep-19Bride Prep-19


Once Heather was ready, we set up First Look. This little moment is so important. It gave Heather & Matt a private moment. It gave Matt the chance to be the first to see Heather in all her beauty and splendor. Then they had several long embraces and tons of kisses. Make up would need a touch up.

First Look-1First Look-1 First Look-3First Look-3 First Look-5First Look-5 First Look-10First Look-10 First Look-9First Look-9


Then it was on to the bride and bridesmaids photos. These ladies were super fun and helped make Heather’s wedding more calm and full of love. Bridesmaids-30Bridesmaids-30 Bridesmaids-2Bridesmaids-2 Bridesmaids-8Bridesmaids-8 Bridesmaids-7Bridesmaids-7


Heather and Matt opted to have all the family photos done BEFORE the wedding. In the warmer months we recommend this, as everyone looks his or her best. Plus the smaller children have a better disposition earlier in the day. Formals & Families-9Formals & Families-9 Formals & Families-27Formals & Families-27 Formals & Families-30Formals & Families-30


Once the family photos were shot, the guests began to arrive. We love to help distract the guests if we can. So we had them give a huge cheer for Heather & Matt. Guests Gathering-2Guests Gathering-2 Guests Gathering-21Guests Gathering-21 Guests Gathering-9Guests Gathering-9


Then the bridal procession begins. Here Comes the Bride-7Here Comes the Bride-7 Here Comes the Bride-23Here Comes the Bride-23 Here Comes the Bride-26Here Comes the Bride-26


At Twin Cedar Farm, the bride being delivered by horse drawn carriage highlights the bridal procession. Here Comes the Bride-27Here Comes the Bride-27 Here Comes the Bride-31Here Comes the Bride-31 Here Comes the Bride-34Here Comes the Bride-34


The guests turn to watch Heather make her grand entrance.
Here Comes the Bride-35Here Comes the Bride-35 Here Comes the Bride-39Here Comes the Bride-39 Here Comes the Bride-40Here Comes the Bride-40 Here Comes the Bride-47Here Comes the Bride-47 Here Comes the Bride-48Here Comes the Bride-48 Here Comes the Bride-53Here Comes the Bride-53


Now for the main event – the ceremony. And it was beautiful! The light, the sky, gentle breeze, and tons of love!!!

Ceremony-5Ceremony-5 Ceremony-7Ceremony-7 Ceremony-8Ceremony-8 Ceremony-17Ceremony-17 Ceremony-31Ceremony-31 Ceremony-56Ceremony-56


The main event finishes with a big a kiss!!! And a dip for the new Mrs Clinard!!! Ceremony-63Ceremony-63


Heather and Matt stroll out and past the guests to their waiting horse drawn carriage - very romantic!

There Goes the Bride-6There Goes the Bride-6 There Goes the Bride-11There Goes the Bride-11 There Goes the Bride-13There Goes the Bride-13


Heather and Matt are swept away in the horse drawn carriage while the bridal party and guests head for the reception. This is when we get amazing photos of the bride and groom. We spent about 30 minutes with them. And it was worth every second because we got some killer images of them!
Mr & Mrs Clinard-1Mr & Mrs Clinard-1 Mr & Mrs Clinard-3Mr & Mrs Clinard-3 Mr & Mrs Clinard-7Mr & Mrs Clinard-7 Mr & Mrs Clinard-26Mr & Mrs Clinard-26 Mr & Mrs Clinard-18Mr & Mrs Clinard-18 Mr & Mrs Clinard-31Mr & Mrs Clinard-31 Mr & Mrs Clinard-42Mr & Mrs Clinard-42 Mr & Mrs Clinard-62Mr & Mrs Clinard-62 Mr & Mrs Clinard-58Mr & Mrs Clinard-58 Mr & Mrs Clinard-68Mr & Mrs Clinard-68


Now it’s off the introduction, “Presenting, for the first time, Mr & Mrs Clinard!!!”

Presenting Mr & Mrs Clinard-3Presenting Mr & Mrs Clinard-3 Presenting Mr & Mrs Clinard-6Presenting Mr & Mrs Clinard-6 Presenting Mr & Mrs Clinard-10Presenting Mr & Mrs Clinard-10


Heather & Matt chose to slide right into their first dance.

First Dances-9First Dances-9 First Dances-4First Dances-4 First Dances-12First Dances-12


Which ended with a Gangnam Style!!!

First Dances-17First Dances-17 First Dances-18First Dances-18 First Dances-19First Dances-19


They also danced with their mothers.

First Dances-22First Dances-22


Just as the afternoon light was perfect, we asked all guests to come outside for a group photo. And this is where the amazing ’68 Orange Camaro was super fun! It's east Tennessee, who doesn't want a bright orange hot rod at their wedding?!?!? Reception & Guests-40Reception & Guests-40


The reception was punctuated with cake cutting that served up a heavy dose of cake up the Matt’s nose. Heather really let him have it! I mean she REALLY rubbed it in! Cake & Cutting-4Cake & Cutting-4 Cake & Cutting-7Cake & Cutting-7 Cake & Cutting-20Cake & Cutting-20 Cake & Cutting-22Cake & Cutting-22 Cake & Cutting-24Cake & Cutting-24


The reception wound down with some fun dancing.

Reception & Guests-51Reception & Guests-51 Reception & Guests-60Reception & Guests-60


Heather & Matt chose to have a glow stick send off. It’s a little tricky, but more colorful and tons safer than sparklers.

Send Off-5Send Off-5 Send Off-9Send Off-9 Send Off-14Send Off-14 Send Off-17Send Off-17

Heather & Matt’s wedding was all about them, their families and their friends. And they made choices that made sense to them. If you could see me know, I am gesturing a toast as I say, “Here’s to Heather & Matt, their hot rod & horse drawn carriage wedding!“ If you want to see the full collection go HERE. Their collection is 26 individual galleries that tell the full story of their wedding. 

If you or someone you know is getting married and you are looking for a fearless, tireless, creative and super-fun photographer we'd love to talk about your unique wedding ideas and plans. 


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