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Here are a few examples of headshots for various types of clients. Some of these are more corporate while others are more personal. And there's even one of someone with special needs who always wanted a headshot. Their image is one of my favorites. Can you guess which one? Tell me your guess, right or wrong, I'll give you 3 extra photos with your session.

Our MINI SESSION is perfect for your headshot photos. The session is 55-75 minutes long, we go thru 9-12 poses and the session yields 12-15 digital files. The cost is $150. If you bring a friend we can get the price to $100 for each of you. Call or email for group or corporate rates. We ask for a $50 booking fee that goes toward your final purchase. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your booking fee - no questions.

Want more info? Call us at (865)446-0487.
Please book time for each person attending. We look forward to helping you create an image that sells you!
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