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These are the 48 images I chose for a particular show. Once you select an image you'll notice its name and description below. There's also a gallery link (where the original image lives). Often times there'll be similar images as I often try various settings and perspectives. These images were all part of a gallery show. Many of the images sold and quite a few are still available for another show. If you'd like more info or want to have Al Harris show some of his work please call 865-446-0487.
Attic WindowOconaluftee ThawPurple HazeHigh Wire ActSpringhouse OverflowWhaddaya See?Edges of The SawteethLittle RiverLet There Be LightRalph & Alice KramdenPainted SunriseWear CoveAbove theSmokeLeaves or Goldfish?Autumn RidgeShadow of The DomeCades CoveCatchin' Some RaysSmall, Hidden FallsAre We There Yet?