Wedding Photos are expensive #1 wedding Photo Myth

Wedding photo prices do not have to exceed your budget. There are tons of options from having a friend or family member photograph your wedding to having your wedding not in peak season or on weekday. But there are options - plenty of options. But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars. Scroll down and get our Guide to finding a great photographer. Read the guide and tell us which part really stood out to you. We’ll give you $100 OFF your wedding photography package if you do. Once you read it, click Contact Us and tell us your impressions.

“Great Wedding Photos Have To Cost Thousands of Dollars”

This is myth is BUSTED! There are so many photographers who want you to believe photography is expensive. Heck, I’ll take your money if you’re giving it away. Seriously, we looked at 5 easy tasks you can do yourself, BEFORE YOU START HIRING, that can save you tons of money. It’s a 4 minute read. The guide lists the benefits our simple 5 step process. Check it out - I dare you!

“Guide to Finding A Great Photographer”

Our 5 step process insures the most important photos are captured in an artful & creative way, provides less stress on wedding day, and, most of all you get amazing photos you can share immediately and cherish forever! All this within your budget! And we guarantee it! Click the button below, get the guide, read it, and then take the challenge at the end. I double dog dare you!