Wedding Day Photos

Here is our Complete Definitive Wedding Day Photo List. Your Wedding Day Photo List is overlooked too often. Take the time. Make a list. You'll be glad you did.

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A guide to the photos you want to capture

Although each wedding is unique, with its unique style & characteristics, the structure of the day has some similarities. Below is a listing of the structure we suggest & use at weddings we shoot. Not all of these happen at every wedding. But most of these occur in some sort of fashion. Some weddings have more categories and often spontaneous events happen that create their own new category. This is also a helpful wedding planning resource.

Specific Wedding Items & wedding places

  1. Artifacts of the Day – found objects that reflect the style, décor and emotions.

  2. Rings – close up of the rings; often with other important artifacts

  3. Dress – close ups of details, hanging, laying across a bed, hung in a tree, etc

  4. Flowers – bouquets, center pieces, etc

  5. Venue & Grounds – the setting of your wedding day

Important People in the wedding

  1. Bride Prep – hair, makeup, celebrating the tender moments with bride and bridesmaids

  2. Groom Prep – fellas gathering, joking, easing nerves

  3. Bridesmaids –bride & bridesmaids with flowers when hair and make up are perfect

  4. Groomsmen – groom and men to show how cool they can really be

  5. Formal Wedding Photos – the full wedding party

  6. Family Photos - immediate & important family

  7. Mr & Ms – just the couple

  8. Ms – just the bride. After all, the wedding day is about you, your dress and how beautiful you are.

Events of the Wedding

  1. First Look – a quiet intimate moment for bride & groom just before the ceremony. The couple can choose to see one another or remain hidden so they may hold hands around a corner, or a tree or open door separates them.

  2. Guest Gathering – arrival and guests taking their seats

  3. Here Comes the Bride – bridal procession into the ceremony

  4. Ceremony

  5. There Goes the Bride – exit procession

  6. Presenting Mr & Mrs – announcing the couple at the reception

  7. First toasts

  8. First Dance(s) - bride & groom, daddy daughter, and, mother son

  9. Hora - Jewish tradition of putting the bride and groom on chairs & hoisting them above the guests

  10. Bouquet Toss

  11. Garter Toss

  12. Cake & Cutting

  13. Reception & Guests

  14. Send Off

  15. Getaway Car

These are not in any order but can also serve to help organize and plan your wedding day.