Details matter - from start to finish! There’s an app for almost every part of your wedding.

Wedding Planning Goes Digital

Wedding planning with apps is not just a trendy idea, it’s very helpful. This is not my idea or story. It’s from The App Store by Apple (a link is at the bottom of this post). But I think it’s worth sharing the info. And like other helpful tools, it won’t work if you only read this. You must take action! You must go get the app(s). Try them. Not all apps are created equal. Some of these will work better for some folks. I really liked this article & found many of the apps to be very well created, a solid interface and experience, and quite helpful. But you can’t read this article unless you are using your iPhone or iPad. Sorry Android users, laptoppers and desktoppers. Grab your iPhone or iPad and enjoy. I have listed the apps below for Android users. I suspect there is an Android version for most of these.

Better get on top of your budget!

Get these apps 12 months out to help plan your wedding.

List of Apps (with links)

Honeydue: Couples Finance - Get on board with a budget FIRST THING!

Pinterest (link to Mile Marker Images - but you already know the power of Pinterest)

Wedding Planner by The Knot - The Knot rules the wedding planning world.

Instagram (link to Mile Marker Images - but you already know the power of Instagram)

Don't wait to start planning!

Get these apps 6 months out to help hone in on details of your wedding.

Paperless Post - digital invitations

Rent the Runway - Bridesmaids dresses and styles!

Zola Registry - best online registry service

Universe Website - wedding website builder that’s super easy!

Canvas print for guests to sign.

Get these apps 3 months out to polish the details of your wedding.

MTailor - get a tailored suit for the cost of renting a tux. Grooms will be all about this!

ETSY - You already know the power and ADDICTION.

Artifact Uprising - photo books for guests’ sign-in or gifts

Fiverr - Freelance - get someone else to create killer graphics for $5!

Do it yourself facial mask.

Get these apps 6 weeks out to make everything special. - child care

Sephora - beauty and skincare

Apple Music - because wedding day needs a soundtrack!

One month out - Start practicing being mindful.

Wait, what? Mindful. That’s right start practicing being mindful. It’s not hard and very rewarding. This could be the best one thing you do to prepare yourself for a perfect wedding day. This link has solutions for being completely present, stress relief, pain relief, & more compassion all with training and exercises to get you ready for one of the most important days of your life. Go here:

Hint: learn this now and practice it regularly for a much better life.


Get these apps with 7 days to go!

Snapchat (as if you didn’t already have this one).

PhotoCircle - shared private photo gallery (family, friends - everyone can drop photos)

Unfold - Create Stories - photo layout for social media story telling

Boxed: Bulk Quality Essentials - snack delivery shipped anywhere!

One day to go! This is one app you’ll love!

Headspace: Meditation - guided meditation for stress relief.

After the honeymoon

Lasting: Marriage Health - there’s even an app for building & maintaining a healthier, happier relationship.


These are the apps in the iPhone & iPad only article. And there are thousands more. Thankfully the Fine Art wedding photographer hasn’t become an app. Maybe someday. Until then, if you are a bride looking for a fearless, creative, high-energy photographer with a ton of fresh ideas, I’d love to talk with you. I am available at 865-446-0487 for an old fashion call or text. Or use our simple form HERE.

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I don’t know much, but I am certain the use of apps is increasing. I am also certain wedding planning can be tough and time consuming. Wedding planning with apps is not just a trendy idea, it’s very helpful.