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Wedding Photography in the digital era

Wedding Photography & Digital Cameras go together like a bride and groom. They were just meant for each other. Most of us photographer types use digital cameras for all the wonderful reasons you’d imagine. Some of us have a film camera we pull out from time to time. Digital cameras have some built in ideas that make it really appealing – capture & delivery are the two big ones. However, the third aspect, storage, can be a challenge. Why is this important to you? Because you should ask your photographer how they capture, deliver and store your wedding photos.

Capturing Wedding Photos

Let’s look at “capture” first. Digital cameras can capture images at astonishing rates. Some even have video capabilities. For this article I am sticking to still photography. My gear captures up to 7 still images per second. That’s amazing! But that can fill up an SD card quickly. I capture my images in RAW. This means all available data for that image is captured. There are other ways to capture such as TIFF or JPEG. But RAW yields the most info. And more info means more editing possibilities.

Delivery of Wedding Photos

Custom keepsake USB for storing wedding photos

The next component is delivery. Many weddings have a primary shooter and secondary shooter as well. I don’t know about other photographers, but I carry 2 cameras with me at all times. Can’t be lens switching when a precious moment unfolds. Getting those images out my cameras starts with synchronized time on all devices. This way I can sort by when the image was shot. Why is this important? I deliver a gallery of each portion of the day as another way of providing greater service & greater value. I also organize the each photo by the name of the event with a 3 digit numerical sequence. For example, “bridal prep” image are labeled “bridal prep 001”, “bridal prep 002” and so on. This helps you reference your photos quickly. Go HERE to see our wedding day photo list that shows how we categorize your wedding photos.

In addition, we always give our couples a jump drive with 2 full sets of organized images – one high resolution set for printing and a second set optimized for social media so you can upload and share dozens of images quickly.

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Storage of Wedding Photos

The final component is storage. And it is crucial. I get one or two panicked calls a year. “Al, my hard drive crashed and all my wedding photos were on it!!!” This happened more when we delivered our images on discs. Jump drives have helped. So I provide a custom keepsake USB drive. This makes the drive special and has help decrease the number of panic calls. But have no fear. I not only keep an archive copy on a hard drive in a fireproof vault in my studio, but I also put all your images on my website with cloud-based storage. And we continuously upgrade to the latest storage technology. These images will always be there for you and me as well.

Digital Wedding Photos

So remember, ask a photographer how they capture, deliver & store your wedding photos. These are just a few of the ways we honor our commitment to be the best value in Fine Art Wedding Photography. And this one of the key ways we are dedicated to helping couples have the best wedding day possible. Our wedding photography & digital cameras are the foundation of our work.