The Pink Wedding Dress . . . and all its magic!!!

Killer Wedding Dress

The Pink Wedding Dress is all about one amazing pink wedding dress. My friend and over-worked wedding professional, Laura Jones, asked me to capture all the enchanted love of a certain custom wedding dress that she’d been working on. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. If you know Laura & My Beloved - Redemptive Bridal Couture, then you know how powerful her creativity can be. She takes “something old and it becomes new” and very hip too! I had watched the process of evolution of this particular pink wedding dress. I had seen the dress at the January Pink Bride Show. I had even photographed the dress on a manikin. Nothing prepared me for what would unfold on our styled shoot.

Michael, Laura and Bethany

Wedding Professionals that helped

Before we go further, I need to thank several folks. First, thanks Laura for trusting me. You have many other options & I am honored. Special thanks to Melissa Timm & Melissa Timm Designs for a perfectly styled bouquet. Our groom for this shoot is none other than Michael Brown. His demeanor, constant complement for the bride and attire were spot on. He wore it well & made this look easy. But if we are going to be honest, this shoot is about the dress. And the dress needs to be not worn, but OWNED. And this prefect someone is Bethany O’Banion. Her playful, whimsical personality combined with her statuesque figure, topped off with a huge smile made this shoot and this dress. I am truly thankful for having the chance to aim my cameras at the events that unfolded.

The day before our shoot Laura & I chose Sequoyah Park and Cherokee Boulevard as our location. It was perfect. We started in at the western end and worked our way back. First stop was out in the meadow.

Michael & Bethany just getting warmed up.

This dress moves & flows with ease!

Sequoyah Hills Wedding

After the meadow, we then took to the Sequoyah Greenway along Cherokee Boulevard. I am sure some joggers and a few cars passed by a little perturbed that we were causing a slow down. We are sorry about that. But how could we resist the pink cherry blossom and all the azaleas?

Playing "dress up" is really fun!

After playing under the cherry tree, we stopped at we called the “rock viaduct” – an elevated rock walkway that is perpendicular to the river. It provided an excellent spot for more cozy photos.

Michael really starting to be a fun groom!

Love Wrapped In Light

I love the light and the love - it's what I look for in every shot. So much magic in these images. So much creativity. And more hours of work and preparation than one can imagine.

Love wrapped in light!!!

More love wrapped in more light!!!

Love, light and a little tenderness too!

Magical Spot

Our final stop was near the entrance to the boat launch in Sequoyah Park. There is a small mound in the greenway that has a lovely wild flower garden with amazing afternoon light. Most of the detail shots came from this spot. 

Bethany's reminder of 1st Corinthians 13:8 - "Love never fails . . ."

Shared Veil & Details

Looking for some detail shot, we pulled out an old frame. Props are really popular these days and always lots of fun. When planning your wedding, remember the props. They can be goofy, sentimental or even outrageous.

"Shared veil" is one of my favorites. Ladies, please get a long enough veil for this!

Cherry Blossom Wedding

Just down the path is a cherry tree that still had a few blossoms on the branches. Upon a closer look, most of the pink blossom lay beneath tree. By this time we were all in full creative mode. We were making bold choices. Bethany says, “Someone help me down. I want to lie down.”

These are as authentic as I could ask for. Bethany nailed these poses.

Just magical . . . the perfect pink wedding dress.

We had captured lots of lovely photos before this. But that gesture was magical. So we helped her. And the light was still enough to give us these images. I am still in awe as I look at them.  

If you want to see the full collection, go HERE. And if you choose to repurpose your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress, I know the perfect person to help – Laura Jones. And when you are ready to create photographic magic, call us. We know the perfect photographer. We'll make your wedding photos as magical as the Pink Wedding Dress.