Bride on a fainting sofa

Bride on a fainting sofa

Wedding Dress Photos

The Bridal Session is an old tradition making a come back. This is a photo-shoot similar to dress rehearsal for a theatrical production. And believe it or not, your wedding will be very close to just such an event. So why not get all dolled up and see how it all looks and feels?

Many brides ask me about this idea of the bridal session so I thought I’d share what I know. The best part is what you’ll know after a bridal session. Every bride that has shot a bridal session with me changes at least one thing after the shoot. Maybe her shoes hurt. Maybe her hair needed to flip the other way as it often fell throughout the shoot. Maybe her make up looked too soft. Brides always learn something and you will too.

Bride in a wine cellar

What to expect for your bridal session?

What can you expect during the shoot? Expect your dress to get a little dirty. It won’t be a muddy disaster, but something will appear. Schedule a final cleaning a couple of weeks before your wedding. Expect to get to know your dress. And you’ll get to practice “bustling” (if your dress bustles). This alone can be a huge help. I once helped a frustrated bride bustle her dress for 45 minutes ON HER WEDDING DAY because she’d never attempted it before.

Use the same folks that you’ll have doing your hair and makeup. This is often where the greatest lessons are learned. You’ll learn the amount of time you’ll need to allow. You’ll learn if the color pallet is accurate. You’ll learn if your hairstyle will turn out the way you want. You will realize the subtle areas to tweak. This is also a great time to get to know your photographer. You’ll know their directional habits and understand their personality during photography.

Bride at an antique piano

Bring your Maid of Honor

Bring someone that can be helpful and make critical choices without getting overly emotional. This means do not bring your mother. Moms tend to fuss and fret over details. Many of these will be in conflict to your judgment. Plus one of these images will be a gift for her and should be a surprise.

Snacks & Water

Bring plenty of water and snacks that aren’t messy. A typical bridal session, start to finish, can be several hours. Hair and makeup can be an hour and half alone. Getting into the dress, posing, learning to twist, bend, lean and get familiar with the dress and how it functions can take more time than imagined. Then there’s bustling your dress. You must master this chore and this is the time to do it. Plan on being frustrated. Snacks and water always help. And it’s better to be frustrated during your bridal session, so your wedding day will be more amazing than you thought possible!

If you have any questions about your Bridal Session or want to schedule on, please contact me.