This shot takes experience.

Real Wedding Photographer versus a friend?

Should you hire a professional wedding photographer or use a friend or maybe ask someone in your family? Family and friends are great at being wedding guests. Some even like having a role in the wedding. But allowing them to be responsible for an important piece of your wedding is often disastrous. Then there are those who are insistent on helping. In that case, set clear boundaries with written expectations. Give those folks a lessor role. Be gentle but firm. And then, under no circumstance let them perform a role that professionals routinely do.

Professional Photographer Versus Amateur

I recently received a call from a bride who’d considered having me shoot her wedding. She had told me last spring she was choosing another option. This doesn’t happen often because we are the best value in the area. But it happened. Her wedding was in September. Why was she calling me now?

Her call to me was to share her disappointment and ask if there was a way to fix her disaster. She chose her brother to take her wedding photos. They decided to do a destination wedding at the beach. Her brother had purchased a “new, expensive camera” and felt like he could pull it off. He did not. He failed. The moments escaped. Gone forever. That’s the worst part.

But to make things worse, she’d paid $6000 for his travel, lodging & food. Brutal. And terribly sad. What’s worse is she can’t find the strength to tell her brother her disappointment. He keeps asking if she likes the way the images turned out. She keeps telling him they haven’t had time to sit and look at them. This problem is not going away. I don’t envy her one bit.

This shot requires laying on your back.

Lesson Learned from Professional Photographer Versus Amateur

What can you learn from this? Make a prioritized list of what’s most important on your wedding day. Hire professionals with a portfolio, list of references, credentials and insurance. That’s right, insurance. When a professional has insurance their business has profound value to them.

With professionals you have recourse if you have a problem. Often with family and friends you can’t or won’t tell them you don’t like the directions they are going of the result they achieved. With a pro, it’s about process and result. You are driving the process and achieve greater results.

Your wedding photos will be what you take with you

One final reminder: your photographs will be one of the few things you can take with you. Once the vows are said, the decorations removed, the dance lights dimmed and the sparklers burned out, you’ll have the greatest man and more memories than you can remember. That’s right – more memories than you can remember. All too often, when we sit down and share images with couples they always tell us, “I don’t even remember that!” Even though they are in the photo. There will be too many memories. Trust a professional to capture each moment; each memory.

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