Wedding Expo Booth

Wedding Expo Season

Bridal Shows & Wedding Expos season starts in January. Mostly because lots of guys get their gal an engagement ring and pop the question around the holidays. What follows immediately after saying “YES!” is followed by “Now what?”

As the shopping season begins to come into focus, so does ring shopping for many guys who are ready to pop the question. All the family is around and it’s a perfect time to celebrate. After all the photos posted to social media, phone calls to loved ones made and the real notion of planning a wedding sets in, you must decide who you will rely on and trust to help you through the planning process.

Friends, Family & Professionals

No doubt you have some friends who have recently tied the knot so you’ll call them. And your mother and mother-in-law to-be will both want a hand in helping. And there are even websites (Wedding Wire, for one) and apps to help. But where are the voices of experience and wisdom? Most professional wedding vendors can be found at expos and open houses.

“But there are so many options at those things,” you say. Yes there are. And that’s one of the great things. There’ll be a range of options for all tastes, all budgets and all styles. Plus there are tons of giveaways. Most of all you get a chance to have many of the people you’ll need to hire in one room. So go meet them. Get a feel for what they offer and make appointments to follow up. And do it sooner rather than later.

Hurry before wedding photography deals are gone!

What’s the rush? Mostly because the date you like plenty of other couple’s like it too. The busiest fall Saturdays are when UT has no game. Yep, UT controls the bookings of not just hotels and restaurants, but also when your family & friends will want to come to your wedding.

This is just one of the little nuggets that hiring a pro offers. Pros know the details. They know how and they know when. But most of all they know WHY. So go to a wedding expo and meet some pros. And look for Mile Marker Images. We’ll be at The Pink Bride Show and Bridal & Beyond. Tell us you read the blog and I’ll give you a $200 discount on any package. And you can combine this discount with any offer we display at the show.

As always, Mile Marker Images is dedicated to helping brides and grooms have a better wedding. Period. Call today and see how our knowledge, experience and wisdom can help you have a better wedding day. We can help you find Bridal shows & wedding expos near you.