Wedding Photographer Hiring Process

During visits with couples we are often asked, “So what do we need to do to hire you?” I’ve always thought of this as very straightforward process. But in an ever-changing world there are so many different ways to hire a wedding photographer. This week our blog is about how to hire a wedding photographer - step-by-step.

Step 1 – Wedding Date

Many couples begin to plan their wedding without having a hard date. This being said, many couples begin window-shopping and “kicking tires” long before a date is set. Window-shopping is fun, but you can’t hire me until you have date set. It helps if you have your venue selected too. But once we have your date secured on our calendar, we no longer shop it. In east Tennessee there are dozens & dozens of weddings each weekend. We can only shoot one. And it’s why you must have a set date to hire us.

Step 2 – Wedding Budget

All too often couples begin with the notion of “We are getting MARRIED!!!” And they really have no idea the cost of a wedding. And there are many parts of wedding that can drive up the cost. And some parts you can leave out. But most weddings have the costs associated with venue, flowers, catering, furniture rental (tables and chairs for dining), wedding dress, formal wear, rings, minister, planner/designer, décor, gifts, DJ/music/entertainment, photography and videography are just the highlights. If you don’t have a budget, create one. Otherwise how can you know if we fit within your price range? Note: we include “Wedding Under Control” 3-in-1 budget and planning workbook in our two top packages because we know the value of a creating and using a budget.

Step 3 – Interview Wedding Photographers

Hire Me!!!!

You’re gonna spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on your wedding day – you better like us.

Prepare questions for us that are important to you. Consult with your fiancé. Then call, email, text or sky write and ask for an appointment. We don’t charge for these appointments. Many brides have hired us just because of what they learned with us during the consultation. Some even say we should charge for it. But we don’t. We like to sit, listen, take notes and understand you and your unique plans before we say or do anything. We’ll bring along some sample albums and products. We’ll even look through some items on line. We’ll discuss the details of each package. We’ll explain how and why we do what we do. Most couples hire us at the end of the interview.

Wedding deposit - cash or credit?

Step 4 – Pay the Deposit

We ask for a $500 deposit to lock in your date. We take credit card or cash. We also ask you to sign either a contract or our “hold the date” agreement. Some couples choose this option to give them a chance to read over the contract. We understand and respect that option. In fact, it’s why we offer the “hold the date” agreement. These are important decisions.

Bride & groom jump for joy

Step 5 – Rejoice

The final step is to rejoice in knowing you have taken care of a huge task. Then relax. Start a Pinterest Board or many boards (if you haven’t already) and share all your thoughts and ideas with us.

Please call, text, email or sky write us HERE with any questions, comments or concerns and see for yourself how easy we are to hire and work with. We hope when you’re ready, you know how to hire a wedding photographer.