A perfect setting takes planning & work.

Wedding Photographers Love Planners

Hire a wedding planner and make your wedding day easy peasy. Think you can do it yourself? Think you’ll save money by NOT hiring a planner? All of these are excellent questions that I want to explore. Today’s weddings are much different than even a few years ago. The digital era has given us tons of info. Social media has connected us to more places, more people, more styles, and more photos than I ever thought possible. And there are even online wedding planning services. We shared Wedding Under Control a couple weeks back and that is another useful tool that wasn’t around until recently.

Should I hire a wedding planner?

Getting a ballon over your ceremony at just the right moment takes real coordination.

“Should you hire a planner?” may be better. Planners come in all styles, shapes and breadth of experience. Some simply help you get organized and stay on track. While others provide inspiration and help create the physical style of the event. Most of all, the best planners have a huge network of resources that can not just help you find what you need, but actually save you money. I always say, “A good planner will save you more that you pay for their fees.” And if I were you, I’d insist on that in my contract with them.

I Can Be My Own Wedding Planner

The next question, “Can plan your wedding yourself?” Probably and maybe and for some most definitely not. There are cases when it has been done, so I can’t say empirically that you can’t, but it’ll be tough. Here’s why – there are too many important folks involved from parents, to friends, to BFFs, to grandma and your fiancé too. You’ll need at least some input from one or more or all of these folks. A good wedding planner will not just help you navigate these relationships, they will actually run interference for you and help you hold your ground when one of them gets pushy. And someone is going to get pushy for sure. Count on it. Your planner can be the bad guy and you get to keep a healthy relationship less strained.

Hire a Wedding Planner & SAVE MONEY

Getting the bridesmaids and groomsmen perfectly placed takes work too.

Finally, “think you’ll save money by not hiring a planner?” is a notion not founded on experience. As I pointed out earlier, a good planner will save you more than you spend on them. Here’s how – they have relationships with other wedding vendors and pros. You can call them yourself and pay full price or have your planner reach out. The planners always get a better rate because the vendors and pros know they know how this business works. They won’t spend 6 hours going back and forth with a bride and her entourage over table centerpieces. The planner will do this and place the order in a timely and professional way when all the details have been sorted out. Don’t believe me? Call the Hilton and tell them you are having a wedding reception for 150 people and listen to the umpteen questions they’ll ask you. Answer those questions. Spend 2 hours going through the process. Then call a planner and get the short answer. And then compare rates. Compare how confident you feel with the information. Compare the stress level of both calls. It’s not even close.

This moment is huge! Getting it right requires planning & coordination.

Planner or Wedding Photographer?

But if you are still not sure if you should hire a planner, then at least hire other seasoned professionals. I am not a planner, but I have quite a few weddings under my belt. I can help you if you are unsure. And at smaller weddings I am often the only professional there. Mostly because the couple was on a shoestring budget and photos were their highest priority.

We Recommend a Wedding Planner

It’s up to you, but we recommend a planner. We recommend them so much that we offer a standing $400 discount if you have a planner and $200 discount if you have a "Day of Event" coordinator. Yep, they are that helpful. If not, we’ll do all we can to help along the way. Of course we’d love the chance to be your wedding photographer. Call today, 865-446-0487, to book a little get together to see if we are a good fit. But please strongly consider if you should hire a wedding planner.