Looking Great in Wedding Photos

Great Wedding Photos is a process. Let’s face it it takes effort to look your best any time, but add there’ll be a photographer and the anxiety goes through the roof. So we thought we’d give you some pointers. For most of us wedding day is the most important day for looking our best. We are going to break this into 3 categories – beauty, accessories & attire, and the right mindset as it pertains to your wedding day.

Bride having her hair fixed perfectly

Wedding Beauty

Let’s start with the obvious – beauty. For this blog I want to focus beauty on skin, hair and makeup. Having a trial run for hair and make up is a must. Period. Do not skip this. Too many lessons are learned from subtleties in make up tone to how high should the up-do rest on your head. Then there’s the timing – learning how long hair & make up take. Do a full dress fitting with hair, make up and veil too. Heck, call a photographer and make it a bridal photo session. But that’s for another blog.

Bride putting on earrings

Wedding Make Up

Choose makeup that works with your skin tone, eye & hair color and skin texture. Not all of us have perfect skin so be mindful of the texture of your skin. A good make up artist can really make the difference. We like Haley and Porsha with Lashes and Lace. We also like Amanda and her crew at Southern Sirens. Finally start preparing your skin and hair several weeks in advance by using moisturizers and cleansers that will help your skin glow. Do the same for your hair. Add in a couple of deep conditioning treatments. And if should get a pimple. DO NOT PICK AT IT! Leave it alone! Make up will easily cover a pimple, but not a scab. 

Wedding Accessories & Attire

Bride loving her reflection

The next important item is choosing accessories and attire that make you feel like a rock star. Remember the old saying, “dress great, test great” that you learned in school for taking tests? It’s true because it works. And on your wedding day choose earrings and jewelry that help you fin the inner rock star or princess – whatever works for you. Help your man find the suit, tux or attire that makes him feel strong and confident. We like Ben and his crew Regal Tuxedo for formal wear.


Wedding Attitude

Perfect bridal photo pose

I cannot over state the importance of wearing the outfit that creates confidence from within. It’ll show up in every image.  Which leads me to the right mindset. On your wedding day you must find a place of strength and confidence. You must overlook many imperfections. I know, I know; everything MUST be perfect. But it’s not going to happen that way. And when you notice an imperfection you can choose to let it get the best of you or you can rise above. Those who rise above are the ones with amazing photos.

Be Carefree on Wedding Day

A carefree mind shows up in photos. A couple in love shows up in photos. A stressed out bride shows up in photos. The choice is yours. I recommend practicing overlooking silly things between now and your wedding day. When someone cuts you off in traffic, let it go. Remind yourself you are in training for your wedding day. When your fiancé is a few minutes late remind yourself you are training. Let it go and politely thank him for giving you the opportunity to not kill him. Teach yourself to let things go. Teach yourself to be full of grace.

What Shows Up Most in Wedding Photos

This is the most important thing I can share with you - Whatever emotion you are feeling will be visible in your photos. This is what "beauty comes from within" means.

Follow the steps above for great wedding photos

Let’s recap for looking great in your wedding photos. Start preparing your hair and skin about a month out. Have a trial run with hair, makeup, dress and veil. Choose accessories and attire that cultivate the inner rock star or princess. Remember a princess has great responsibility to her family and friends. Help your prince charming find the best suit or tux that makes him strong and confident. Finally, train yourself to quickly get past frustrations. Learn to be full of grace for others. Then be mindful that whatever emotion is most prevalent will be visible in your photos.

As always, we are here to help every couple have the best wedding day possible. Please call, text, email or sky write today – 865-446-0487. We will gladly share with you how great wedding photos is a process.