First Look with a door between them. The groom did not want to see his bride before the wedding. But just holding hands and hearing one another's voice can be calming.

15 Perfect Minutes on Wedding Day

With all the tasks that must get done on your wedding day, why choose a first look on wedding day?This one thing gets left out is time with the love of your life - this is why "First Look" is so important. That’s right! Most of the traditions we honor quite often exclude time for one another. Your first dance may be the only time alone - but all your guests will be watching, flashes popping with little or no intimacy.


It's Your Wedding - Do what YOU want!

Good news! This is your day and you can do whatever you want – even carve out a few minutes for one another. So we recommend First Look. This is a few minutes, just before the ceremony, while guests continue to arrive, for you and your groom to share some time & love.

Some couples choose to not see one another until the bride appears, walking down the aisle. And even if you want to do this, you can still be near your groom. You can hold hands around a corner, stand on opposite sides of a door, or even stand back to back. These few minutes can be so special. I suggest you write one another a sweet love note to read.

Letting out emotions is very helpful. The bride began to giggle then full on howled at how nervous the groom was. Both felt better and thanked us for suggesting First Look. They actually had fun during their ceremony.

Make Time for one another 

And if you want to be a little more adventurous, take a few minutes to hold one another, share a few soft kisses and have him all to yourself for those few minutes. But no matter what you choose, these will be great photographic moments.  As your photographer, we like to fad back to let the moment be yours. We’ll help get you in an intimate spot so your guests can’t see you. This moment is truly for you and your groom.

The real added benefit is shaking off your nerves – especially your groom! There is a ton of pressure on the groom. He has no idea what to do, how to do it or where to do it. All he knows is he supposed to put on some fancy clothes, stand in his spot, and recite some words. Before that he’s lost. He will be a wreck standing at the altar. All the while you’ll be worried if he’s going to like your dress, your hair, and your makeup. Both of you may not remember large portions of your ceremony and vows.

And FIRST LOOK is always intimate. And tears often flow. Bring your tissues.

That’s right! You will NOT remember much of your ceremony because of your nerves! The best we have found to cure this is “First Look.” You both get to be near the one person you want and need the most – and you get him all to yourself!

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