Get a facial for the best skin possible!

Great Wedding Photos Start With Healthy Skin

First BEST Step for Great Wedding Photos is to start with radiant and healthy skin. Last week we shared that a month or so out start taking extra care of your skin, have a walk through with hair and make up, and finally have the right mindset are the keys to looking your best in your wedding photos. We also suggest you own your wedding day with love, excitement, passion and all the emotions that you want captured. It’s a good read. But there’s something comes before all that.

Step 1. Get a Facial

To really look great & have radiant skin you must have an esthetician work on your skin. Go get a facial 2 or 3 months in advance. Take notes during the consultation. Ask for recommended products to help you get your skin in the best shape possible. Purchase items used in the facial. And you may say, “My skin is pretty awesome already. I don’t really need a facial.” And that may be true. But as the days get closer to your wedding and the stress ramps up, so will skin blemishes. “Who has the best treatments and best skincare products?" Good question. We recommend Allyson at The Retreat. She has tons of experience & has worked at some amazing spas before she opened The Retreat. Don't believe me, go read her Yelp reviews.

The serenity of a great cures everything! And if you mention this blog to Allyson, she’ll give you a 15% discount on your first treatment.

Step 2. Stress Relief

In addition to getting a pro to work on your skin, you need a pro to help you with stress. As you move toward your wedding date you must manage stress. And you must control your eating, exercise and sleep habits to look and feel your best. And you may ask, “What’s the one thing I can do to curb stress?” Good question. Go get a massage. And we don’t recommend just anyone. We always recommend The Retreat. Allyson offers an extensive list of body treatments and facial treatments. Heck, they even have “Good for the Sole” a treatment for just your calves and feet. And they offer Gift Certificates that are wonderful gifts for your bridesmaids, mothers and anyone else you want to genuinely thank. So let’s do a full recap. First, get a facial. Call Allyson at The Retreat at 865-441-0322 or schedule online. Second, get a massage regularly as the months lead up to your wedding. Then begin the path to finding a great make up artist like Porsha and Haley with Lashes and Lace.

Porsha with a bride.

The bridal party AFTER Porsha worked her magic!

Haley with a bridesmaid.

The bridal party AFTER Haley worked her magic!

Step 3. Relax and Enjoy

Once you’ve had facial for healthy skin and a massage for healthy body and soul, it’s time to relax. Your wedding day is going to be great! And you’ve done all the right things leading up to your wedding. As always, we are here to help couples everywhere have the best wedding day possible. Call today for a consultation to be your wedding photographer 865-446-0487. We’ll help you take your first BEST Step for Great Wedding Photos.