Engaged couple holding hands in winter is so romantic!

Fun Engagement Photos

An engagement to remember must be romantic & full of magic! And for me, the wedding photographer, they are tremendously helpful too. I get to learn the body mechanics and how each couple interacts with each other. And as a wedding photographer, I want to share the simple process I use. Aimee and Eric are just the couple to feature for this post.

Engaged couple holding hands.

Wedding Photography Referral

Before we start, Aimee found me via a family member. Her sister had looked at hiring us and chose someone else. When her younger sister was looking for a wedding photographer, big sis wasn’t going to let Aimee make the same mistake. We did all of our correspondence over email and text. I am old school & prefer a phone call or in person meeting. But it seems more and more of our clients prefer a simpler communication via text and email. I am adapting. 

Engaged couple leaning into one another.

Love Wrapped in Light

All that being said, Aimee and Eric hired us for their wedding early in 2017. The package they chose includes an engagement session. We picked a spot and discussed the theme. They gave me pretty much full creative license. And I prefer great love wrapped in great light – it’s my go to move.

Engaged couple holding one another with conviction.

Engagement Photo Process

We pick a killer location with amazing light and gorgeous backdrops. I get couples to loosen and relax by directing and nit posing. I moved them throughout the location and through various poses. I am trying to discover their connected-ness. At the same time I am trying to discover unique expressions.

Strength & Vulnerability

Strength and vulnerability are the emotions I look for. They can come from body mechanics, hands, facial expressions and eyes. For Aimee, it was her whole body when she got in close & believed in Eric’s protection. For Eric, it was his eyes when he looked at Aimee.

Engaged couple laughing & being silly!

And once I discovered their individual traits, I put them in poses that urged Aimee to lean into his protection & coaxed Eric to watch her face.

Engaged couple longing for one another

Engaged couple gently kissing

This is what I call an amazing engagement session. It starts with an amazing couple, which trusts my process and me; mixed with some great light (weather) and then me helping them find & express their love for one another.

Gratitude for Engaged Couples

Thank you Aimee & Eric. I am proud to be your photographer. I am truly grateful for each and every engaged couple we photograph. We'd love to be your photographer too! Call, email, text or skywrite today to see if how we do what we do is a good fit for you. I bet we can create an engagement session to remember.