Bride & groom in the golden hour

East Tennessee Early Fall Wedding

As a wedding photographer an early fall wedding in east Tennessee is my favorite. While shooting & editing these events I notice tiny details that I wish I had control over. And that’s where the idea for a style shoot happens. For me, a style shoot is my way of controlling all the moving parts to get the most amazing wedding photos to use for marketing and advertising - and to share a little inspiration with brides.

Bride cascades down a staircase in her wedding gown

Best Season for East Tennessee Wedding

Late summer and early fall are very popular wedding times as the weather here in east Tennessee is quite lovely. We chose rustic, bold colors with a dash of Volunteer Orange. We chose an old world venue because of its timeless and classic styling. We chose the style of dress that features simple lines, clean details with enough glamour to remind us that a wedding dress should be glamorous. This style shoot is to inspire couples with a late summer or early fall wedding. The colors, light, venue, grounds, flowers and overall cozy, warm feelings all create a lovely set of images.

Wedding dress hung on canopy bed

Wedding Pros that make this possible

This style shoot features the venue, Rich Manor and the dress from Wedding Wonderland. The groom’s suit was from Prestige Tuxedo. The flowers were from Mclemore’s Florist. The bride’s hair was from Off the Beach Salon. Makeup was from The Retreat. Finally, my wife, Allyson, was scene director. She & I coordinate the entire style shoot to get predetermined images. We also do this with our brides and grooms during a walk through a few days prior to your wedding day.

Bride showing off blue shoes

Wedding Dress

I want to give a special thanks to Lisa Cacace-Vizer and Liz at Wedding Wonderland. The dress is a Lea-Ann Belter “Paige” design. The amazing blue pumps - the "Winslet" by Benjamin Adams -  are also from Wedding Wonderland. Their generosity is second only to their knowledge of wedding gown styles. Visit Wedding Wonderland first.

Bride & groom perfectly posed

Wedding Venue

I could not have pulled off this shoot without the graciousness of Rich at Rich Manor. This is one heck of a venue – old world charm and sophistication with a real cozy feel. They have multiple places for your ceremony, plenty of parking and offer shuttle service for folks with mobility issues. Thank you Rich!

Wedding Flowers

Pink Promise on wedding day

Flowers are the key detail for your wedding. Megan Christian at McLemore’s Florist is an up and coming designer. She is young and knows what today’s brides are looking for. Go see Megan for a consultation.

Groom getting ready

Mens Wear for Weddings

Amber Hardy at Prestige Tuxedo knew just what after a quick phone chat. They got the fitting right the first time. The style and cut fit Josh perfectly and was a stately complement to the dress and bride.

Shared veil in perfect light

Wedding Couple

Our lovely couple is Meggan Houser and Josh Ferguson. I have so much love for Josh and I love the way he loves on Meggan. He is never afraid to show his affection for her. It’s why I chose them. And it doesn’t hurt that Meggan is very pretty also.

Wedding Hair

Nicky McCants at Off the Beach Salon was Meggan’s choice for hair. I trusted her choice and Nicky gave us a wonderful style on a moment’s notice.

Wedding Makeup

Finally, a special thank you for my wife, Allyson. She is an amazing make up artist. She owns The Retreat, a day spa in Bearden. We tell everyone we are a “husband & wife” team. But everyone knows it’s her charm and beauty that make us what we are. I can handle my camera in any scenario. But it’s my wife’s tender control that makes what I do look easy. Plus she is available as my best second shooter. I could not do this without her. Go HERE to see all the photos from Early Fall Wedding in East Tennessee