If you want a group shot, make time for it.

If you want a group shot, make time for it.

Wedding Timeline = Better Wedding

If you want to have time for great, fun, memory filled photos, then you must create a wedding timeline now! While you’re at it, create a wedding timeline of your entire wedding weekend. And even if your wedding is more than a year out, still create the timeline. The only thing more important is creating a budget. We’ll have more on that in an upcoming blog.

Everything starts with your TIME LINE

The timeline starts with your desired date. I say “desired” date because you may find that you’ll need to move your date by a week one way or the other. There are many variables. What if you found the perfect venue, but it was booked. That’s the big one that causes couples to shift their date. So once the date is set, you build it backwards towards today.

There are many moving parts. The sooner you write down all the components and prioritize them, the sooner you’ll feel confident about your wedding day. For this blog we are going to focus on the timeline of the wedding weekend. If you are coming up on your wedding day and you have NOT created a timeline, then do it NOW! Right now! Go HERE to see our Wedding Day Time Line.

If you want fun bridemaids photos, you better plan for it.

Wedding Start Time & Wedding Reception End Time

You want to start with when out of town guests arrive. Where do those folks need to be for their first event? What time does rehearsal start? Did you build in travel time between rehearsal and rehearsal dinner? When does it end? Make ending times. Otherwise they will last and last and last. Be polite but firm. And have someone you trust be the enforcer. That’s the night before.

The day of your wedding starts with an hour-to-hour timeline. Wake, coffee, and breakfast times must begin the timeline. For every hour you budget, take out 15 minutes for items unforeseen. They happen continuously. Never create an action item for less than 30 minutes. Everything is dependent on several people being on time and no one will be. Create starting times for every vendor. Create ending times for every vendor. You are setting boundaries and clear expectations. 

If you want a killer bubble send off, you better make time for it.

Plan for Issues

Fifteen minutes of each hour of the wedding day is lost to random issues. And you must build in times for mishaps and issues that arise. At every wedding one person will get lost, three people will be late (because that’s how their life is), one person will grandstand for attention and at least one person will get very upset. That’s mini disasters you have to defuse.

Reminder: if you have your hair and makeup re-done, for whatever reason, you will cause the next portion of your timeline to get pushed back. And that is the real reason for creating and sticking to a timeline. We cannot stress enough the importance of checking out out Wedding Day Time Line.

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