Pay attention to the lights and flowers that are ever present.

The floor looks like ice, but probably polished stone.

Super Expensive Wedding

Billion dollar wedding ($1,000,000,000.00) is too good to pass up! I had to share! The details in my blog are gathered from other sources such as Huffington Post, Cromachronical and Wedding World via Instagram ( Let’s start with the entertainment. Jennifer Lopez, yes, that J Lo, Sting and Enrique Iglesias performed at the reception. That’s just to get your attention. Not a joke. Real. Very real. I'll skip posting their photos. They are out there if you need to see them. This is about the wedding.

The Moscow wedding ofKhadija Uzhakhovs and Said Gutseriev, heir to a Russian oil fortune recently totaled up the receipts and the rumor is it came in at 1 BILLION dollars. I am not sure that is possible. So I began to do some poking around. Here’s what I found.


Wedding Dress

The dress is what it is - lavish, over the top & heavy too. But notice the flowers - floor to ceiling.

The wedding dress was custom made in Paris and only weighed 25 pounds due to the excessive jewels sewn into. Before the jewels were applied the dress cost $25,000.00. The jewels are rumored to be worth between $18 MIL and $100 MIL – opinions vary. But who’s counting? Besides me. And this does NOT include costs of bridesmaids dresses or mothers’ & grandmothers’ dress cost.

Wedding Tiara

You must have a tiara!!!

That’s right at tiara! Because every princess needs a tiara. That little accessory is said to cost a measly $5 MIL.


Wedding Flowers

I could not find pricing on flowers but I can see photos that show flowers literally floor to ceiling. The cost would be tremendous. But I suspect installing them may be more expensive. If you are wondering why flowers cost so much, it may be due to the global shift in demand. Not sure how one would go about getting that many flowers at once.


I want one of those white wigs!







Wedding Reception Venue

Not to be out done by anyone ever!

Safisa – luxury Moscow restaurant dripping with fairy lights. Lighting rumored at only $600,000.00. I made that up. But it could have cost that much.


Wedding Transportation

Everyone will arrive in a Rolls Royce or Bentley. Period. To do otherwise would be shameful. Guest count was 600 for the wedding with possibly another 200 for the reception. Let’s say 800 people, divide by 2. That equals 400 super luxury cars. I found a Ft. Lauderdale dealer who’d rent a Bentley GT (2012 model) for $5,000.00 a day. So ground transportation comes in at a cool $2 MIL

Wedding Tux

Yep, that's Sting congratulating the groom!

But fellas don't stress. The groom wore a classic black tux. And after all, a black tux has been the staple for James Bond for half a century and rarely does any tux or suit look better than the classic, black tux. For all the over the top spending, this part any groom can get and get it right every time. We always recommend the timeless black tuxedo.

All weddings have one thing in common  - stress & details

These are just the highlights and quite fun for me to absurdly poke fun of. But I bet the bride was like every other bride I have ever met. I bet she was sweating the stuff no one ever sees. Why? Because that’s what brides do. The sad part is no one ever sees the tiny flaws. They are to busy looking at all the sparkly pretty stuff to notice.

Somehow I hope all this gives you a chuckle. Most of all I hope you have a wonderful wedding. And if your wedding budget is below the $1,000,000,000.00 dollar wedding (billion), we’d love to be your wedding photographer.