A prayer cirlce to give thanks.

Wedding Love & Gratitude

Weddings are a big deal & the best part of a wedding is gratitude. Weddings often produce heavy demands on many of your family and friends. How will you thank them? There will be countless tiny details carried out that go unnoticed. There will be huge obstacles to overcome that you can’t say“thank you” enough to compensate for. So how do really show your family and friends your true gratitude?

It starts with knowing that your wedding day will take tremendous effort – even if you think your wedding is small. Some of the smallest weddings are the most stressful. Be mindful that, yes it is a celebration, but even a celebration takes time, resources, money, energy and focus. Some if this will be easy for you and your mother because you’ve dreamed of this day forever. But for many of the others, it’ll be a day of tasks they’ve never been a part of.

Raise a toast to your guests - it's a beautiful gesture.

Raise a toast to your guests - it's a beautiful gesture.

Please & Thank You

The single best thing you can do is say “please” and “thank you” each and every conversation you have. And mean it when you say those words. And keep your emotional feelers open to see if you are creating excessive expectations. By simply pointing out that you realize you’re asking a tremendous amount, often inspires others to work even harder.

Reminder from Grandma

After all that, be nice. Be very, very nice. We all know the stories of “bridezillas.” Have someone you trust watch you. Empower them to remind you to be nice. I call this “my grandmother” treatment. My grandmother would always call me out on poor manners, bad language or if I wasn’t polite.  It never hurts to be thankful and nice; but it can be very hurtful when you aren’t.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. We celebrate our heritage of being grateful for the bounties of the year. I challenge you to be grateful for each little blessing every day. And be especially grateful throughout the wedding planning process and on your wedding day. This will be the best gift you could possibly give your family and friends.

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