L-O-V-E ! ! !

Wedding Day & Reception Day

Ashley & Paul had an amazing two-day wedding & reception extravaganza that still blows my mind when I think of it. When they explained their plans were to have a big ole Catholic wedding with a reception to follow AND an “off-the-hook, all day house party” the following day, I was like, “YES!!!! I’d love to capture all the love and fun!!!” The reception the following day would become known as Sunday Funday. I should mention the Saturday evening/night after their wedding we had a huge, powerful storm move through. Much of the area was without power. Many trees were down blocking roads. None of this deterred the tremendous owners of Twin Cedar Farms or any of the guests. By midday on Sunday Funday there was only fun and L-O-V-E ! ! !

Wedding Professionals that made this day amazing!

Before we go further I need to thank all the wedding professionals that made all this possible.

Church - Our Lady of Fatima (Alcoa, TN), Minister – Father Bill McKenzie

Hair & Make Up - Southern Sirens (we looove Amanda and her girls!!!)

Rings – Walker’s Celtic Jewelers, My Irish Jeweler

Dress  - aunt of the bride’s gift, Garter – ETSY- lilBittythings

Tux – Men’s Wearhouse, Bowties – ETSY – 2Marys

Music – Rob Lynch

Vocalists – Kat & Jason Klueber

Getaway Car – Vic and Linda Varady

Sunday Funday

Reception Venue – Twin Cedar Farms

DJ – Rob with Sword Sounds

Flowers – Ecoflowers, Rosie’s Artistic Blooms

Bartenders – The Pour Guys

Catering – M&M Catering

Shuttle Service – Chariots of Hire

Port-a-potty – East TN Portables

Highlights of the Wedding Day

What follows are a few images from their wedding day. This is a Catholic wedding with Mass but not communion. However, the wedding couple chose to add presenting Mary with flowers. Each portion of the ceremony was important to Ashley, Paul, and their families and friends. Adding time for photography was important too - we love when couples make time for photos. And throwing a reception was very important. But let's get to the wedding day and wedding photos.  NOTE: We also shot their engagement photos. Go HERE to see them.

Hair & Make Up

Ashley getting eyelash extensions!

Amanda from Southern Sirens applies eyelash extensions.

Paul and groomsmen in super hero shirts.

The day started with the ladies getting hair and make up. We know the day is going to be killer when we arrive to see the girls from Southern Sirens are applying their magic!  The gentlemen, on the other hand, were busy becoming super heroes. Once everyone was in the appropriate attire we headed to the church.

The Church

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Alcoa, TN

At the church there was still a bit of preparation and photo moments. We used simple distraction technique to walk the groom and groomsmen past a window of where the bride was getting ready. We love adding these little moments.

Ashley watches out a window as Paul & the groomsmen walks past.

Ashley watching Paul thru a window while he add the groomsmen have no clue.

Dress Reveal

Another tender moment was the dress reveal to her aunt. The dress was originally her aunt’s. It was special moment for everyone.

Ashley at the dress reveal with her her aunt who gave Ashley the dress.

Ashley's aunt immediately cries as she sees her in her dress for the first time.

The Rings

Their wedding rings are very unique!

Before we go much farther, Ashely and Paul shared how important their rings were. One look at the wedding rigs tells much about their level of detail and concern. We love their wedding rings!

Guests Arriving

While all this was happening, guests were arriving and finding their seats. It was time to get this show on the road! The music was playing, the pews were filling up and everything was set.

Wedding guests fill in the pews at the church.

Groom Arrives

The music played. The groom found his spot and the bridal party began their march in and up the aisle.

Paul watches and waits for his bride to come down the aisle

The bride and her father were all smiles.

Father of the bride escorts Ashley down the aisle.

Paul with a huge grin of relief that says, "Whew! This is really happening!"

Wedding Ceremony & Mass

If you’ve not witnessed a Catholic wedding with Mass you should. It’s a solemn experience. And if you get lucky someone will belt out Ava Maria in such a way as to bring the full love God to fill the room. The bride and groom added an extra portion. They chose to present flowers to Mary. We love when couples make a wedding a reflection of their wishes.

Ashley & Paul at the altar.

Kat & Jason Klueber sharing their amazing version of Ava Maria

Bridesmaids all smiles watching ceremony.

The guests reverently watch Father Bill counsel Ashley & Paul.

The wedding rings being blessed with Holy Water.

Paul slips on the wedding ring.

Ashley slips on the groom's ring.

Paul & Ashley offer flowers to Mary.

Paul & Ashley cross themselves as the Father Bill crosses them - LOVE THIS!

A Catholic wedding with Mass can be well over an hour. But at the end of the wedding ceremony there is still a big kiss, lots of smiles and wedding processional.

Ashley & Paul seal their vows with a passionate kiss.

Formal & Family Photos

Immediately after the ceremony we moved through the formal and family photos.

The full wedding party all smiles!

Her dad & mom, Ashley and Paul, and his mom and dad.

Because FUN should happen too!

Paul, chillin', surrounded by bridesmaids.

Bubble Send Off

Next was the Bubble Send Off. There were plenty of guests, plenty of bubbles and tons of joy and love!

Paul & Ashley celebrate!

Love it when the wind blows the veil!!

Love the way Paul holds her face like no one is around.

Couples' Photo Session

After the bubble send off, guests headed to the reception while we took the bride and groom on what we call, “the couples’ photo session.” This is where we take the bride and groom some place away from their wedding guests so they can have a few minutes alone. It’s also where the very relaxed groom began to get comfortable with the camera.

This is one of my favorites from the day.

This is one of their favorites of the day!

All alone for a quick smooch.

Wedding Reception

After the couples’ session we headed into the reception for introduction of the wedding party and Mr. & Mrs. Morgan.

"For the fist time, Mr and Mrs . . . "

Woo hoo!!!!! Party time!!

First Dances

The bride and groom went directly into their first dance. The bride and her father followed with the traditional daddy-daughter dance.

Paul & Ashley enjoy an intimate moment during their first dance.

This daddy daughter dance only happens right if you hold your mouth right!

A big finish is a must when daddy & daughter are this much fun!


Next came toasts from the bride’s father, best man and the maid of honor aka little sister.

Love the amazemnet in their eyes!

Paul & Ashely watch as the father of the bride offers a toast.

The best man gives an animated toast.

Little sister gives a sweet wedding toast.

Bouquet Toss & Garter Toss

After a little champagne the bride had her bouquet toss and the groom had his garter toss.

Ashley grimaces as she releases the bouquet.

We have a winner!

I feel like Paul was aiming.

WINNER, WINNERm Chicken Dinner!!

Wedding Cake and Cutting

Wedding Cake and cutting was next on the agenda. They had quite an assortment of cakes to choose from. And it was delicious!!

So many options for wedding cake!

Use both hands.

Open wide!

Weddings are all about the details!

Get Away Car

As the reception began to wind down, the get away car arrived. As a very old and authentic car it had a little hiccup. So folks had to push start it. Which was really fun!

This is a killer get away car. Don't ask. It's a family friend.

Notice the groom and groomsmen push-starting the car. Hey, it's old.

Ashley and Paul wave good-bye as they pull off.

This is such an amazing way to leave your wedding.

As the bride and groom drove away I wondered what was in store for the Sunday Funday.

To see the full (organized by event) wedding set, go HERE.

Sunday Funday

As I pointed out earlier, a terribly violent storm moved through the east Tennessee region that evening. The hotels where the many of the guests stayed lost power. There were downed power lines all over the place. And every road had branches, leaves and even complete trees scattered across most driving lanes.

I headed out to Twin Cedar Farm to assess the situation. There was considerable damage. After a brief discussion it was decided the party would happen. And as you can see by the photos, it turned out to be a perfect day.

Food, games, fun and tons of love!

There were lawn games, food on the grill, snow cone machine, candy everywhere, music playing, cigars, card games, lots of gossiping, a photo booth and tons of love everywhere you looked.

These kiddos were having too much fun!

Giant JINGA!!!

Snow Cones!!!

Kids playing beside the pond - FUN!

Hamburgers & hotdogs on the grill.

A little dab'll do ya!

Party inside the barn!!

Chariots for Hire were awesome!

This little feller was having fun!

Lawn games for days!

Ashley & Paul with friends.

The party went way past dark!

Photo Booth Fun!

The photo booth was a hit! We took hundreds of images and kept it rocking right up to the end. To see the photo booth images, go HERE.

Let's celebrate the mother of the bride!!!

Let's show mom some love!!

These are only a few of the photos of Sunday Funday. To see the full set of “Sunday Funday” go HERE.

Couples' Sunset Session

The bride and groom wanted to have sunset photos. And after an amazing engagement session, all the various parts of the wedding day, and then Sunday Funday, sunset photos seemed like the best idea to punctuate their wedding.

The day turned out pretty much perfect.

Nothing like a huge heart!


If you want to see the full set of sunset photos go HERE. We had a great time with Ashley, Paul, their family & friends, and all the amazing wedding professionals that help create the amazing two-day wedding extravaganza!