Wedding Reception

This is PART 4 of a truly grand wedding. This is final part - Reception, Party & Killer Send Off. 

This is a truly a grand wedding. We shared a bit of the rehearsal in Part 1, Behind the Scenes & Backstage in Part 2, and, A Grand Ceremony in Part 3. Now that the stressful part of the wedding day is complete, we can share the fun part of the reception! This is Part 4 that starts with a ride on a Knoxville trolley, with a couple stops for photos, then on to Club LeConte for the introduction of the bridal party, cake cutting, toasts, first dances, “all dance,” and a sweet send off in classic Rolls Royce!


As with each blog post, I start by thanking all those who helped make their wedding day picture perfect. You've seen their names in this previous 3 sections. They are that important. These are the wedding professionals that did what they do best.  Each one of them contributed to not just the success of the wedding, but also to the photos we captured. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Rehearsal Dinner – Sunsphere at World’s Fair Park

Caterer - Rosa's Catering

Venue - Sacred Heart Cathedral

Videography - Midnight Magic Studios – Don Samples

Hair & Make Up - Southern Sirens – Amanda Holmes McKnight & her killer team

Planner - Southern Bliss Weddings – Gabby Miller

Flowers - Melissa Timm Designs – Melissa Timm

Photobooth - VotoFoto - Andrew Vogel

Cake - Everything Iced Bakery - Bobbie Mershon

DJ & MC - Music N Motion DJ – Corey Ozair

Reception - Club LeConte - Margo Pressley

1959 Rolls Royce - Regal Carriages – Steve

Officiant - Father John Meyer

Transportation - Trolley - (KATS)

Photography - Mile Marker Images – Al Harris & Savannah Bellione

Trolley Ride, Sunsphere and the Tennessee Theater

We then hopped aboard a KATS Trolley for a ride to Club LeConte. We got our driver to stop along the way at World’s Fair Park and the Tennessee Theater. Because a Knoxville wedding wouldn’t be the same without including these two landmarks.

Tyler & Cassidy board a Knoxville trolley to head to the reception.

Cassidy pops champagne on the trolly ride.

Custom cork detail

Cassidy & Tyler beneath The Sunsphere.

A toast and a selfie too!

A quick stop at The Tennessee Theater.

Reception at Club LeConte

Next was an elevator ride to the top floor of the tallest building in Knoxville. Margo, with Club LeConte, along with Gabby, their planner from Southern Bliss Weddings, greeted the couple. Attention to details in between the events of wedding is when you see the value of seasoned pros. Margo and Abby were amazing! After a short pause everyone was lined up. The parents were introduced first, then the bridal party, followed by Mr & Mrs Hunsucker. Cory with Music In Motion got the crowd rolling with a verse of Rocky Top!!!

Presenting Mr & Mrs Hunsucker!!!

Mr & Mrs Hunsucker sing Rocky Top!!

Mr & Mrs Hunsucker sing Rocky Top!!

First Dances

The newly weds moved into their first dance. Cory had the lights perfect. After their first dance, Cassidy danced with her father. More tears from both of them. Tyler danced with his mother to complete the first dances.

Old school cool.

An elegant First Dance.

Very romantic moment - like nobody is around.

Cassidy embracing the emotions of the moment.

Tyler's mother could not be more proud.

Wedding Cake

Next was cutting of the cake. Everything Iced Bakery made a beautiful cake and very yummy cake too! Cake cutting is finished with the customary glass of champagne.

A perfect cake!

I'm keeping an eye on you.

Nice and easy. Nothing to it.

Cheers all around.


While the cake is being plated, the formal toasts start. Mr Webster was gracious. The Maid of Honor was tender. But for me, it was the Best Man, Tyler’s younger brother, who brought everyone to tears. In moments like this I am thankful for auto focus cameras. I was weeping as I captured his toast.

Champagne is ready!!!

Dad sets the tone.

Now Tyler is feeling it.

Cassidy and Tyler raise a glass.

And Cassidy is crying again.

Maid of Honor shares a tale.

Tyler's brother gets emotional.

Bouquet Toss

With a wedding this size, the bride must toss the bouquet. And there was a very eager young lady who would not be denied!

Cassidy is ready!!!

Who's going to catch it?

Garter Toss

The fellas jumped up, watched for the toss & a really tall gentlemen made the catch look easy!

Better get ready!


Dance Party

After dinner the reception was in full swing. The photo booth from VotoFoto was a hit. Cory kept the dance floor full. And the guests all had a great celebration!

The guests had a blast!!!

Rocky Top!!!

Cassidy looked beautiful all night!!!

Mom & dad showed off a bit.

Cassidy and her girls!

Last Dance

As the reception grew to a close, Cassidy and Tyler chose to have a last dance. This photo of them tells the story better than words. Again the way they lean into each other tells us how much they love each other. And Cory got the lights perfect.

I love how much love is all around. One of my favorite moments of the day.

Send Off

Cassidy & Tyler chose to have a sparkler send off. But down at street level the wind was gusting too much. So, as great wedding pros often do, Margo & Gabby brainstormed and improvised. The send off would happen in the parking garage. What most folks didn’t know was a 1959 Rolls Royce was secretly being brought in for the get away car. As a photographer, I loved having the send off in the garage. These things can often get out of hand. But the garage was perfect.

Sparkler Send Off!!!

Sparklers help celebrate the send off.

Their smiles say it all.

One more kiss!

One more kiss!

One last look.

Just like that, they turned the corner to happily ever after.


This truly was a Grand Wedding! Weddings come in all sizes, styles and energy. They all have one thing in common - great love. We hoped you enjoyed the 4 part series for this wedding. Check out the 3 previous parts Part 1 - Rehearsal, Part 2 - Behind the Scenes, and, Part 3 - A Grand Ceremony. And as always, if you or someone you know is getting married, we love to be their wedding photographer - even if it’s not so grand of a wedding or if it’s even a more grand wedding!