More than a wedding photographer

In addition to a top rated photographer, there are 3 other people you get when you hire me. That’s right, 3 more people - all at no extra charge. In fact, I couldn’t leave these 3 people behind if I wanted. They are part of who I am. They are the 3 people that make me unique and more valuable to you and your wedding.

Top rated photographer

I must collect several 5 star rating to qualify for this award. It's given to the top 5%.

A few years back I jumped head first into wedding photography. And I was a talented enough and had the life experience. And my creativity was bubbling over. I was ready. But lately I’ve realized I am much more than a wedding photographer. We have dozens of reviews for you to read and I am aware that I am pretty good at capturing the moments that tell the story of your wedding day. But there’s more to being a wedding photographer than aiming electronics at couples exchanging vows. Much more. Being a top rated wedding photographer starts long before the wedding and ends long after your wedding sendoff.

Our custom keepsake USB drive for your wedding photos.

The Wedding Assets Manager

We offer our premium, lay-flat pages with leather cover albums as well as many other styles.

Your wedding will produce many things – a legally binding document, lots of love and joy, and tons of photographs. It’ll be up to you to find a safe place for your wedding license. But your photos will require some effort. We encourage each couple we work with to get a wedding album from us. But budgets vary so often our couples choose to wait to purchase an album or they purchase it from another source. Where are the images stored? Who keeps them? All of our packages come with a custom keepsake USB drive. And we also keep your images on our cloud for as long as there is a cloud and electricity. And when that technology changes, we’ll change with it. We keep your wedding photos safe. Plus we’ll always provide you access to your photos. And storage is only one part of the being an asset manager. There’s also organization of photos. We not only carefully edit each image, but we also categorize it by the event of the wedding day. This helps you find a particular image easier. And when you get ready to order prints or design your album, we can identify specific images. We categorize your photos with our “Wedding Day Photo List” and add or subtract categories according to your wedding.

The Timeline manager

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Your wedding day will either have time for all the pieces or it won’t. It’s up to you. You can have time for photos or be rushed through them. When you hire me, I help you plan for each photographic event. How many photographic events are there? Good question! We have 32 basic events listed in our file structure. You can leave some out or add your own, but either way, you’ve got to plan if you want those moments captured in photographs. That means we sit and work out a timeline that provides time for your priorities.

The Visual Coordinator

That's me giving some direction.

Long before the ceremony, and often during the initial consultation, I am sorting through the visual aspects of your wedding. What’s there to consider? Doesn’t the venue have all that sorted out? Glad you asked. Many venues have more than one space for a ceremony to occur. And many only have one spot. Either way, have they looked at sun angles? Have they considered what’s in the background? Have they considered available natural light? Maybe. Maybe not. I help you think of aisle width and decoration placement as it pertains to photographic success. All our packages include an engagement session so I can learn your body mechanics to help you look your best in your photos. I walk the grounds with you long before the wedding so we can discuss the visual experience. We talk about how different lights render slightly different color of light. We talk about personalities and attitudes that effect photographic success. All of this, and more, are part of the visual coordination of your wedding day. And I'll give direction when needed. Knowing when to step in and when to not step in is critical. 

It takes lots of experience to see the world like a camera. Being a top rated wedding photographer takes years of experience and a commitment to excellence. Keeping track of hundred of thousands of the digital photo assets, managing the timeline and coordinating the visual excellence are 3 other experts you get when you hire me – no extra charge! And it’s part of who I am. I can’t turn it off. 

Tell me how I can help

I’d love to sit and chat with you about your wedding to see if me and three other guys can help. Call, email, text or skywrite today!