Wedding Miracles

The first miracle was a wedding miracle. That’s right; you read it correctly. The first miracle performed by Jesus was at a wedding. Jesus made His debut of performing miracles at a wedding. He turned water into wine.

Weddings are celebrations 

Weddings instill love, excitement and joy. And some stress too. It’s always been a big deal no matter how big or small, private or public, simple or over the top, weddings are a big deal. And that’s a good thing. They are a covenant and a vow. These things should not be taken lightly.

Weddings take careful planning

Remember when you are planning your big day that there’ll be unforeseen problems. There always have been and always will be problems that come up. How will you handle these hiccups? I recommend saying a little prayer before your day starts. Then lean into your faith. As I told you, it was at wedding that Jesus performed his first miracle. 

Did you know this? Ever wonder why he chose a wedding?

A wedding of biblical proportions

Imagine your wedding being the talk of the town – possibly the talk of the region. You’ve invited all the important folks. You even invited a “highly favored & important" mother, her amazing son and 12 of his friends. These guys were very popular in those days. The ceremony had taken place and the reception was underway. Wine was being shared. Toasts were being made with lots of celebrating and lots of toasting. I am certain it was a festive celebration.

Suddenly no more wine! Wait, what? No more wine! How could this happen? Panic sets in. Lot’s of folks looking at their feet. No one wants to take responsibility for such an oversight. The servants began to search the room for someone who can make this right. Mary shares this with Jesus. By now she knows His capabilities. Everyone knows how important weddings are, even Mary. 

Jesus then asks her why would she involve Him. He tells her His time is not yet. But I suspect even He knew how important weddings are. Mary walks over to the servants and tells them to do exactly what her son tells them.

Jesus tells them to fill their best stone pitchers with water – to the brim. Then he tells them to serve the most important guest, the governor nonetheless, first. The governor drinks and is astonished. He calls over the groom. I wonder if the groom knew the dilemma. I like to think he knew and was wondering what was about to happen. The governor thanked the groom for serving the best wine last. The governor realized most weddings served the best first and served cheaper wine for the toasts of the lessor guests.

All weddings are ripe for miracles to happen

So what’s all this have to do with your wedding? Glad you asked. If you are lucky (blessed) your wedding will be perfect. But don’t count on it. Hiccups happen at every wedding. But when they do happen, how will you handle them? I suggest you don’t make a fuss. Lean into your faith. Let a miracle happen. After all, the first miracle was a wedding miracle.