Everyone is a wedding photographer – EVERYONE!

From a recent wedding I shot.

From a recent wedding I shot.

And almost everyone has a camera. Our cell phones have better cameras than our parents’ big, clunky beasts of only a decade ago. And we even have amazing photo editing apps for our phones. So, yeah, we all have the tools to be photographers.

And every one of us (even me) looks at images and think, “I could have took that photo if I had the right camera and was at the right spot at that time.” Even with all I know about taking photos, I still find myself thinking this thought. I know it’s not true. But something about most of us thinks we are photographer.

More often, there are tons of "photographers" at weddings.

Everyone WANTS to be a photographer

Great pots and pans make great spaghetti too!

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone shares with me his or her story that starts with, “Well you may not believe it, but I am sort of a photographer. Sort of, but not like you, of course.” Then they talk about their kids or their hobby or their love of sunsets. Don’t get me wrong. I love that folks enjoy taking photos. But they are mothers, fathers, college students, office workers, sales people, etc. And they have a camera that captures images. But rest assured, they are not photographers any more than I am a chef because I have a stove, pots, pans, spices and I cook from time to time.

That's me doing what I do - with an above average camera and tons of talent and professionalism.

Choose a Wedding Photographer to capture your wedding

When choosing a photographer, choose one that fits the occasion. Some occasions happen often others are much more rare. The more rare, the better photographer is required. Hanging out with friends happens all the time. So use your phone. Post to Instagram. You’re a photographer. But when it is your wedding. Those moments happen ONCE and they are moving fast! Hire a professional. Hire someone creative and passionate. Hire someone that earns his or her living from photography. Hire someone with insurance. Hire someone with reputation, reviews and respected among their peers.

Real Wedding Photo or staged?

And remember when you are pinning those pins on Pinterest, those wedding images are mostly staged; directed and captured by a team of pros. Almost none are shot by someone with a smartphone. It’s ok to think, “I could take that picture.” We all do it. But at the same time, remember YOUR wedding will happen only once. Better make sure you get someone who really can capture the wedding moments.

Bet no one tells him he is a great chef 'cuz he has a great oven.

Bet no one tells him he is a great chef 'cuz he has a great oven.

Dine out & ask the chef . . .

And the next time you visit your favorite restaurant, ask to speak to the chef. Tell him or her, “WOW! The meal was excellent! I bet you have a great stove!” Let me know how that works out for you.

We are dedicated to helping couples everywhere have the best wedding day possible. We would love to be YOUR wedding photographer. Call, email, text or skywrite today to see if can help you. And remember, Everyone is a wedding photographer - EVERYONE!