This week I want to share one of the ways I get inspired. This happens at the crux of words and pictures. I am around weddings often and each one has its similarities. But there are quite a bit of unique characteristics if you look below the surface. And it’s mostly due to the brides of today having weddings on their own terms – individualistic! And I like that because each week it's a new set of challenges and fresh inspiration.

Pinterest & Inspiration

A few weeks ago I shared some wedding traditions – where they came from and how they lasted over the centuries. But today’s brides have access to something bigger and better than ever before – Pinterest! This little app turns 6 years old this month. It’s barely out of kindergarten & I can’t imagine what it’ll look like when it grows up.

So here we are with the ability to share images. These are where ideas start and inspiration is found. I often get asked, “Do you mind looking at other photos so we can explain what we like?” I don’t mind at all. In fact, it’s a great way for me to understand you. My first response is “Do you have a Pinterest board or boards of your wedding ideas?” I then ask them to add me. Now when they get inspired I am notified. This keeps me the loop.

What inspires me most?

This also gives me a chance to have more meaningful conversations with couples. We get the chance to talk about what makes a certain images work – pose, attire, lighting, background, etc. And while we go through this I get pumped and fired up for the wedding. It gets my creative processes going. Then when wedding day arrives, I can speak to them in terms they already know – poses, attire, lighting, background, etc. I can’t imagine not having & using Pinterest.

As always, we want to be your wedding photographer. We want to earn your trust. Please call today 865-446-0487 to book a consult and we can go through your Pinterest boards together. And go have a look at our Pinterest boards. We are just getting started but we love it!