Great afternoon light wraps the love shared between these two!

Love and light - this is what I chase each time I lift my camera to my eye. My eyes have already alerted me that something worth capturing is occurring. Now I must position myself to wrap the event in the best possible light. It sounds simple. And I guess it is to a point. But what happens when the light is not so great?

I use every event I photograph to learn, grow and become more skilled at finding love wrapped in light. So I start by identifying love. Love isn’t just romantic love. There can be love of celebration. There can be the love of things hoped for. There can be the love that has grown old together. There can be the love of wonderment. And the list goes on and on.


How much does she love & admire her man?

The next step is light. Most of my light comes from the sun. I prefer afternoon sun or evening sun for backlighting. What’s backlighting? Putting the sun directly behind my subject. Be careful kids & don’t try this at home. It’s not that easy. Sometimes I may move off to one side or the other to get a little better light quality. And I often shoot in full shade. Full shade? How’s that great light? It’s an even light. What’s the most difficult light? Heavy overcast skies bounce light in all directions. This why there are less shadows. The sunlight is being bounced all directions off the cloud structure and any precipitation inside the clouds.


I love the sun peaking over the trees and how the light wraps this couple.

And you may wonder why I obsess with love & light. It’s quite simple. When a moment is captured that shows great love wrapped in great light, then I have created the beginnings of a great photo. With our ever-growing obsession with sharing images on social media, I find the most compelling images are great love wrapped in great light. Go check out my Pinterest boards. See what you’ll find. Poke through my sample galleries and see what you’ll find. As much as possible I chase great love wrapped in great light.

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