Is it light or love? Both!

Getting the light we want is a top priority. I am often asked, “What is your favorite subject to photograph?” It’s always the same. Light. Great light is what defines a great photograph. And it’s often overlooked during weddings. Mostly because the ceremony is at a set place and what we get is what we get. But there are plenty of variables that we can adjust. Regarding weddings, the best way to find the best light is to walk through your venue with you. We often find that the venues have various places on the grounds for ceremonies. Some offer better light than others. If the location for the ceremony is set, then we still like to walk the grounds for other photo opps. Often times this helps us you understand what it takes to get great photos on your wedding day. The next best thing is choosing the right time of day for the season. High noon is going to leave harsh shadows and squinted eyes. This won’t change much until maybe 4 PM on most spring and summer days. Winter and fall, 2:30 or 3 will be better times. We prefer the ceremony be 2 or 3 hours before sunset as a general rule. Then we share with you our versions of backlighting and shadowing. Backlighting is putting your back to the sun and letting the sun wrap you in light. The sun needs to be low in the sky for best results. But even if you do choose earlier in the day, find a spot in the shadow of tree. This is called shadowing and it is when we put you under a shade tree or in the shadow of structure to help control the sun if it’s high in the sky.

Low clouds & snow provide different light.

What if it's overcast or otherwise not wonderful light? Then we must make the best of what we get. In the above photo it unexpectedly snowed in late October. So you must embrace what the moment yields. And, yes, we realize all this sounds like a lot of work. It is. But we love it and we know if we share how we do it, you’ll help us take better images. Text today, 865-446-0487, to book an appointment or to ask about the mysteries of the universe.