We start each year with "SAVE THE DATE" pricing. It's a fresh approach much like personal New Year’s resolutions but these are for our business. We look at the whole year – month-by-month, week-by-week, with a focus on Saturdays. We put in reminders for last year’s weddings so we can send out an anniversary note. We block out vacation times and we verify existing bookings that came in last year.

Then we update our products and services offered. Last year we added a photo booth – big hit! This year we’ve added on-line galleries and on-line slide shows so couples can share more easily.

The next big step is signing up for wedding expos and open houses. The first one for us is the Pink Bride Show on Sunday, January 10th from 11-4. Last year over 800 brides attended. We met with over 200. At this show we offer our biggest savings. It’s quite simple, if we can fill our calendars early, we can spend less time, money and resources chasing other couples. We offer “Save the Date” pricing. From January 10 thru 13 (72 hours) we will discount all packages, products and services 40%.

Want to meet us in person? Come to the Knoxville Convention Center on Sunday. We are just inside the main entrance to the left. A $500 deposit secures your date and we give you 30 days to shop around. If you find another photographer you like better, we’ll refund half your deposit. I’d like to give back all, but there are only 50 Saturdays left in this year and your date is more popular than you think. Once I take a deposit, I take that day off my available dates. Period. We never double book and we never continue to shop for a higher paying contract. Once you sign up with us, we are all yours.

We hope to see you on Sunday. But if not, skip the crowds and traffic and call today 865-446-0487 and we’ll give you the discount.