Better control your money or it''l control you!

Better control your money or it''l control you!

That's right, your wedding budget is everything. Or to put it another way, money isn’t the only thing; just the main thing!!!

If you don’t have a budget for your wedding, I suggest you stop everything and commit to determining your budget. That’s right. Don’t do any other thing. Find your mate and sort it out. But you say, “Where do we start?” Glad you asked. There are two ways to tackle this. One way is to add up what you think you’ll spend and let that be a starting point. The other is to determine how much you can spend, and then prioritize your expenses. I prefer the latter option. What are the priorities? What do they look like? These are the same categories you’ll be determining as you plan your wedding. They are venue, dress, rings, catering, tables and linens, DJ – entertainment, minister, photographer, videographer, cake, honeymoon, favors, gifts, formal wear, etc. And this is a very small list. Each one of these has sub-categories too.

Wedding Under Control

You say, “Wow! This is overwhelming.” And you’re right. It can be overwhelming. However, we have a solution. We recommend THE BEST SOLUTION - Wedding Under Control. This customized budget tool is worth every dime because it'll save you time and money. Plus, it was developed by a a bride who felt like her wedding was our of control. Erin Killingsworth was once a bride just like you. With her background in finance, she created a workbook to help her navigate one heck of a humdinger of a fairy-tale wedding. Tell her we sent you. Or choose one of our two top tier planning packages and it's included. We love it that much!