Photo Booth

So you are getting married and now you need a photo booth that rocks!!! There’s one big issue that is almost always overlooked. What will your guests do when you are not around or there’s a small delay? Especially right after the ceremony and you are whisked away for photos. Or when the catering is not quite ready. Or when folks have had enough line dancing. What will you do? Hope no one notices. Hope the chef hurries along? Hope the DJ finds a better song? The best gesture is for you to offer a photo booth.

Two types of Photo Booth - Open Air or Enclosed

There are basically 2 types of photo booth – open air & staffed or automatic (enclosed). The open air version is what we offer. This includes a backdrop (customized if you prefer), an assortment of whacky costumes from pilot’s hat with goggles to feather boas to giant sunglasses. And we print duplicate strips. One for your guests and one for you! And we save all the individual shots and strips digitally for you. All this to help your guest have some fun and create another set of amazing memories and images of your wedding day. 

The automatic photo booth is either an old school booth that folks cram into (not practical and quite costly). These produce prints – sometimes. These often stop working, have glitches or have low quality images. And often don’t provide digital files. Or a stand alone camera with a remote trigger that someone has to use. This gives each group a little control and offers you only digital files.

The extra notes in your registry will mean so much!!!

Open is air is more fun!

Obviously, the staffed version is preferred. Mostly because your guests get to have an outgoing photographer get them amped for photos! And the photographer gives your guest a copy and puts a copy of the strip in your registry. Then the guests are asked to personalize a message for you. And you get to have these photos immediately!

As always, we are committed to helping every bride and groom have a great wedding day! If you need a photo booth that rocks we can help you find one!