Let’s face it weddings are mostly about the bride. She has found her prince charming, picked a fairly tale location, her dress is better than make believe and all the arrangements are set. But the big day arrives and suddenly folks are coming from all directions with questions.

Wait a minute! This is MY wedding day! It’s supposed to be about me and my fairly tale. I don’t know where those chairs go. Why are you asking me which side folks should line up for the buffet? I don’t care what happens to the left over burlap! The caterer is lost? I’ve heard all these and much crazier. How do you stop this?

You must have others around you know your wishes, your highness. Then you must have folks around you that get between you and those pesky details. And you MUST give them power to act on your behalf.  How do you determine “your wishes”? It starts with putting others around you that can handle the responsibility.

By now you’ve selected your maid or matron of honor and your bride’s maids. Hopefully you chose them because they not only know and love you, but also will be in service to you on your wedding day. Then there is your mother and mother of the groom. These two can often be a great team or at odds. Figure that part out early and delegate accordingly. While all those are great people to have, you’ve left out the most important, strategic ally for you – a planner.

A great planner asks you all the questions you never think of. They help you create a wonderful day and event by KNOWING YOUR WISHES and intentions. Then, when the crazy questions come flying at you, and they will, you can politely respond, “Please ask Heather. She has that answer.” Your planner can spread your wishes to the appropriate staff, guests, family and other vendors. A great planner is often what turns a good wedding into a great wedding. And a good wedding without a planner often becomes stressful, runs late and conflicts arise throughout the day because no one knows your wishes like your planner.

At Mile Marker Images we love planners and coordinators so much, we offer a standing discount for our couples. We give $350 discount for a “day of event” coordinator and $500 discount for planner/designer when you choose one of our photo packages.