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Weddings in the Smokies

So you're thinking of having a wedding in the Smokies. You've seen photos and even been there on vacation. Now what? Just as the Smokies are best enjoyed on lazy afternoon, a Smoky Mountain wedding should be low key, full of nature and no stress. This is why we love weddings in and around the Smokies.

Bride and groom near a smoky mountain stream.

Picture Perfect Weddings

Smoky Mountain weddings are sublime, delicate, romantic and downright picture perfect. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers countless places for outdoor weddings. A wedding in the Smokies can be organized with very little planning. In fact, you could do this with no wedding planner. Call us and we'll help with all the details. When you have set the date for your big day, and you know you want a beautiful smoky mountain backdrop, we'd love to create a wedding package for you. Tell us you read this little blurb & we'll knock off 10%.

Bride plays in a waterfall in her wedding dress

Why Choose Us?

We have photographed the Smokies extensively not only as wedding photographers, but also long before we shot the landscapes that define the Smokies. We know all the major places and popular spots. But we also know the less traveled trails. We can get you to unique places that other photographers have no idea exist. If you want adventure, we can deliver! If you want simple and beautiful, we can deliver! If you want epic, we can deliver!

Smoky Mountains Nat'l Park Rules

The Smokies are run by the Department of the Interior. They have laws, ordinances and rules they must abide by. These help not just the park, the environment and the animals, but also they help visitors. Getting married is very simple if you follow the rules.

Wedding Permits

The SUP (Special Use Permit) for having your wedding must be filed 14 days in advance of your wedding date. The cost is $50. The have a short video that helps explain their responsibilities. They require anyone providing wedding services have a CUA (Commercial Use Authorization). We have this Commercial Use Authorization. For more park info, go HERE.

Bride & groom in a Cade’s Cove meadow beneath smoky mountains mist.

Wedding Ceremony Sites

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has a map of locations where you can have your wedding. These include Missionary Baptist Church (or other churches), overlooks, cabins, old mills and even quiet spots along trails. I like to think of the Smokies as a series of Smoky Mountain wedding venues. Many of the photos from weddings in the Smokies are actually listed as "Gatlinburg Weddings." This is due to Gatlinburg being a very popular wedding destination and honeymoon destination. There are tons of locations in The Smokies within a few minutes of Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Townsend, Cosby and all the various bed and breakfast places around the perimeter of the park.

Cades Cove Weddings

Most folks that visit the Smokies realize Cades Cove is part of the National Park. However, if you are planning your wedding from afar, please remember all the rules of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park apply to Cades Cove also. Cades Cove is a high mountain valley with mountain peaks on 3 sides. The road is an 11 mile, one-way loop that takes 3 hours to complete. Busy weekends travel times can get really long. If bears are sighted, a "bear jam" occurs and travel comes to a halt.

Smoky Mountain Wedding & Engagements

We have shot several weddings and engagement sessions. We know the best times of day for the specific type of location. If you want a waterfall location in summer, we can go almost all day as the best waterfalls are shaded (even light). In winter we'll look closer at time of day. If you choose an overlook wedding we can help you select the best overlook for the time of day you want your ceremony. We love shooting in the "golden hour" in the Smokies.

Smoky Mountain Wedding Photo Samples

These wedding photos represent just a few images from each wedding.

Bride with raindrops failing all around.

Bride in a Cades Cove Meadow during the golden hour.

Bride & Groom with kids with Smokies in the background.

Smoky Mountain Engagement Photo Samples

These engagement photos represent just a few images from each wedding.

Engaged couple at the edge of forest in the golden hour.

Impromptu proposal on the steps of a church in Cade's Cove.

Engaged couple at sunset in a meadow in Cade's Cove

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