SAVE THE DATE Wedding Photos

Save the Date Wedding Photography is the first step right after you get engaged and actually set a date. Couples often ask us, "When do we send out 'Save the Date' items? We tell them as soon as they set a date to book a photo session. Once you have images and a few save the date designs you can email, snail mail and post on social media. Be careful posting on social media because it may seem like you are inviting everyone.

Save the Date Options

You set your date and now you need to create "save the date cards" or some sort of custom save the date message on social media. There are literally tons of creative options from refrigerator magnets to stickers to elaborate pop-up cards. These items can be on plastic, metal, glass, photo paper or 100% post consumer recycled paper. You can often bundle these ideas with your wedding invitations and wedding announcements too. You'll have all the things you need to help folks mark their calendars.

Save the Date Photos

All of our wedding photography packages come with an engagement photo session. If you already have engagement photos we can call it “Save the Date” photos. You can bring along some props to show off and celebrate your wedding date. Plus we'll get to know each other. We can go pretty much any place you like. We also have the permit to photograph in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Why have Save the Date photos?

Weddings are about love, romance and starting something new and important. Sure you could snap a selfie and post on Instagram. It'll get lots of likes and hearts. But is that what you really want? A wedding is sort of a big deal. Engagement photos are pretty much the same thing as save the date images. They can be part of the save the date designs too! Having a photo session with a professional is great way to test drive a photographer.

Save the Date Contract

Our Save the Date contract insures we take your date off our calendar. But it’s not our full wedding photography package contract. It merely reserves the date. It is a very short form. This provides you comfort knowing you have secured the photographer you want for the date you want. We also allow you to cancel within 3 days for a complete refund. Should you change your mind after 3 days we will refund half of the $500 deposit.

Can I save my wedding date with Mile Marker Images without signing a contract?

The short answer is no. We require a signed contract and deposit paid to remove a date from our calendar. We only shoot one wedding per day. To block a date without securing a written agreement and deposit would be an unwise business decision.

Save the Date Contract OR Wedding Photography Contract?

Being a photography client as a bride and groom is good way to start making joint decisions. We offer a simple "Save the Date" form for couples who know they want us but don't know which wedding package works for them. It is a one page form. The full wedding photography contract is 4 pages with very detailed info. It contains 16 paragraphs of strict legal terms. Scroll down then click the buttons below for access to them.

HURRY!! Don’t Be Late!! Save the Date!!

Once you have your wedding date set, and you know we are your wedding photographers, then secure that day. There are only 52 Saturdays in a year. Here, in the Knoxville area there are 12 popular ones in the spring and 14 popular ones in the fall. They get filled fast. Seriously, secure your wedding date with a simple form and deposit. Fill out the form. Pay the deposit. Your wedding date will no longer be available to other inquiries.

Do you offer a wedding photography contract?

Yes we do! Weddings & wedding photos are very important. We think your wedding pictures will become some of your most treasured belongings. And since we know how fast a wedding day can zoom past, we like to have a contract that provides clear boundaries for us and clear expectations for you. Our contract outlines topics such as model release, general release form, creative boundaries, copyright laws, uncontrollable things like weather and what we deliver. The contract outlines what the client agrees to, remaining balance and payment schedule. We don not offer electronic signature.

Wedding Photography Contract

After signing the Save the Date contract we will meet and go through all the particulars of our complete wedding photo contract. The first step is a review session of the implications and intentions of the contract. We find this is the very helpful as it sets real boundaries for what we do, how we do it and when we’ll do it. Without a contract you’ll have no recourse.

Transparent Wedding Contracts

Being a wedding photographer means we must be transparent. One of the ways we do this is by having our legal documents here online so you can get to them quickly. We have two forms we use for wedding photography: Save the Date Agreement and our *Full Contract. Please contact us first to insure your date is available. Choose Full Contract when we've sorted out the package and particulars. For deposit & payment options, go HERE. 

For help call or text 865-446-0487.

NOTE: We require a verbal discussion before signing our FULL CONTRACT. This insures the intent of our contract and helps us establish clear boundaries with you. We feel this is key to having greater photographic success on your wedding day. And it helps us manage expectations.

* Please note we require a verbal discussion before signing our FULL CONTRACT. This insures the intent of our contract and helps us establish clear boundaries with you. We feel this is key to having greater photographic success on your wedding day. And it helps us manage expectations.