LOve & light is Our Approach

We chase love & great light. At weddings there is an abundance of love. So we find the best light and wrap you in it. We think magic happens when love is wrapped in great light. And we seek every opportunity to capture each magical moment. Some of the moments will be spontaneous, while others will be a bit more planned and staged. No matter how the moments unfold, we will be there to capture the moments throughout your wedding.

For 3 years we have ranked in the top 5% of wedding pros (in our region) who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Simply put, if we are a good fit for you, you’ll know it. And we have the photos to prove it!

Photos and Video


We offer photo and video because some events can be captured one frame at a time, while others require several moments. Plus photos tell a story one way and video is another way of storytelling. Let us captures the moments and tell the story of your wedding day. 

The video to the right is from a killer shoot at Max Patch on the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Elizabeth & David asked us to capture a very private and intimate moment. They love Max Patch and we do too! So we headed up during the fall color and created some magic. Th photos below are a few of the stills from our amazing day!

Thorough Understanding

We start with YOUR vision of your wedding day. We listen. We take notes. We ask to collaborate on Pinterest. Then we ask more questions to bring your vision into focus. Then, on wedding day, we put ourselves in the best positions to capture the planned moments as well as the spontaneous moments. We help outline the key moments of your wedding day.

Check out out our Wedding Day Photo List. 

Thoughtful Preparation

We do all we can to help you make the most of each moment by looking for opportunities to expand a moment with a creative approach to enhance light, composition and stylistic details. We walk the grounds with you. We help you make better choices for higher photographic success. Check out our Wedding Day Timeline. This helps ensure we’ve captured your moments. We also work with lots of other great wedding pros. Check out the current list of Wedding Pros We Love!

Endless Enthusiasm

We eat right, sleep right and show up with a positive attitude. We know how fast time slips past and we do all we can to stay ahead of all the action. We are mentally prepared to handle anything that comes our way. And we always handle it with courtesy & professionalism. And we end the day with just as much attention to detail as when we started. Our energy and focus is limitless.


Thorough Understanding + Thoughtful Preparation + Endless Enthusiasm = AMAZING PHOTOS!!!

Thorough understanding of your vision is first. Lots of thoughtful preparation is second. Finally, we execute all our creativity with endless enthusiasm!!! If this sounds like you, click HERE and ask us if we are available for your wedding date.