Knoxville Wedding Photographers Al & Allie

We are professional Knoxville wedding photographers who work and play in the Knoxville, east Tennessee region & Smoky Mountain Region. We love all the diversity that comes with a big university town like Knoxville, the rolling farmland throughout the Tennessee Valley and the quaint cabins in the Smoky mountains. We love it all.! We also love all the different wedding styles that east Tennessee produces from the "pull out all the stops", high-profile weddings to small, intimate gatherings in small clearing. And we know the importance of amazing wedding photographs. Most of all we'd love to hear more about your plans for your wedding. Scroll down and hit the “check availabilty” button to fill out a quick form to see if we are available.

Busting the Myth that wedding photos cost thousands of dollars

In the Knoxville wedding photography scene, and possibly the world over, there is a huge myth that indicates professional wedding photography has to cost thousands of dollars. But we believe is doesn’t have to. So much so we guarantee if we can’t create a price solution for your wedding day, then we will treat you to a 60 minute relaxing massage at one of Knoxville’s highest rated day spas The Retreat (owned by Allie). She shows her support of my endeavors by offering this. Want to learn a little more about how and why the myth wedding photos cost thousands of dollars? Get our FREE GUIDE “Finding a Great Wedding Photographer.”

Capturing Moments Along Life's Journey

"Capturing Moments Along Life’s Journey" is not just our tagline; it’s our motto. Amazing photos are the mile markers of your memory.  These moments are full of detail, emotion and tangible evidence. And photographs feel different over time. Photographs are the mile markers of your life & memory. And to capture those moments we believe we need to be fearless & ready to take risks to "get the shot!" Want to see us in action? There are 3 videos HERE. 

Our Aprroach

As professional Knoxville wedding photographers, we think of life as a series of adventures and journeys. To our way of thinking, the most memorable adventures and most precious journeys seem to happen along the various paths, lanes and boulevards of our lives. It’s the same with how weddings unfold - intimate spaces give way to larger, more public spaces. But at the end, it's the very personal and tender embrace of the one you love that holds you. This is a very private and personal place. This is why we named our packages The Path, The Lane and The Boulevard. We think they work quite wonderfully. 

Wedding Photography Packages

The Path - Just as a path is a personal place meant for moving slowly and enjoying, our Path Package is for low key, quiet and personal weddings.

The Lane - A lane brings to mind something akin to a path, except slightly larger. A lane is accommodates more but is still quite intimate. The Lane Package is for subtle, simple and thoughtful weddings.

The Boulevard - The image of a boulevard is more stately, larger still than a lane, yet still holds intimacy while being majestic. The Boulevard Package is for refined, crafted and inclusive weddings.

And if you think your wedding is some variation of one or two of these, then we can create a custom package for you and your wedding. Because your wedding will be no doubt unique so we can create a unique package for you. But no matter the package, product or service, you can rest assured that we capture YOUR moments in an artistic style that represents your vision. And we always look to feature love, light and your unique style. We realize that not everything always fits nicely into a package. All of our package details as well as "a la carte" pricing can be found HERE. If you’ve read this far down the page you are no doubt intrigued by who we are and what we do. The next obvious step is to see if we are available for your wedding photography, engagement photography, family photography or some other event. Click the “check availabilty” button below to fill out a quick form to see if we are available.