Family Photos we love!

Family photography is right after wedding photography & engagement photography. Family photography can have their own brand of amazing love filled moments. Other love filled moments include maternity photos, infant photos, senior portraits & family photos. Want to see more samples of our portraits? Scroll down!

Why family photos are important

Family photography and portraits are about moments - real, treasured moments. We only have so many moments together as a family. And the older we get the more fleeting these precious moments. There are maternity photos, first birthdays, senior photos, college graduation photos, and 50th Anniversaries to name a few. But the simple act of getting your family together for photos should happen much more often than we fit it into our schedules. But once you do, then you have real treasures and items for your kids and grandkids to fight over when you’re long gone.

Family photos captured by a professional photographer or not?

DO you consider Family photos captured by a professional photographer? You may think your mobile fun is full of family photos and precious moments. And I suspect you’re right. But what will you do with those photos? Scroll thru once or twice. Maybe even delete some to make space for new photos. Maybe have catastrophic device failure and loose them all. Who knows? But if you take the time to hire a me, a professional photographer, I will provide not only amazing photos, but also an amazing set of experiences. It’ll be a day to remember.

Family Portraits are the treasures of life

When I walk into someone’s home I immediately look for the wall with all the family photos. It tells much about what they label as very valuable. There’ll be old, tattered black and whites from previous generations. There’ll be a few from the era of “instamatics” and drug store processing. Then there’ll be the ones taken by professionals. The stories that connect to those photos are detailed, dynamic and rich with memory. It was big deal. And it still is if it’s done right. Family photographs and portraits are the real treasures of life.

Favorite family photos and portraits

Scroll down to see a few of our favorite images from some of our favorite family photo & portrait sessions. And if you’re ready to hire a professional family photographer, click the link below to fill out a simple form Or if it’s easier call or text 865-446-0487. I look forward to hearing from you soon.