Engagement Photography

Right along with wedding photos, engagement photography session are very special moments. They are really important to the success of wedding photos too. Being a Knoxville wedding photographer means we have access to some of the most amazing natural backdrops for engagement photos.

Why engagement photos are important

As a wedding photographer we cherish opportunities to get to know our couples better. The engagement session is the perfect time. When we shoot the engagement photos we get to know you in a photographic way. We learn your body mechanics. We learn your best features. We learn your habits and traits that make you YOU. We get to know your personalities. We get to understand you as a couple. Plus, the engagement photo session is low-key and super chill. No distractions. In that way, it’s quite a bit different than wedding photos. On wedding day there are lots of folks around, moving parts to the day, tons of interruptions and stress is never far away.

Engagement photos by a professional wedding photographer or not?

Many couples wonder if they should choose to hire a professional wedding photographer for their engagement photos. It’s a good question. The answer is most often driven by budget. If it’s in your budget, do it. Another reason folks may choose to not hire a professional wedding photographer to shoot their engagement photos is they have friend or relative with a new camera trying to grow their portfolio. GO out with them. They are family and could use the boost. But also, hire a professional. But what about saving money? Good question. All of our wedding photo packages include an engagement photo session.

Engagements are the beginning for many things

So you got a ring - WOO HOO!!! You’re engaged!!! It’s a beautiful time with so many thoughts, ideas, dreams and plans. Where to start? For our wedding couples, professional wedding photography is very high on the priority list. For this reason we not only offer amazing engagement photo sessions, but also we offer lots of other helpful advice like timeline help and wedding day photo list. We also know lots of other wedding professionals and can offer help in those areas as well. The engagement is the beginning of a journey that has a stop on wedding day. Now you know why engagement photos are important, if you should hire a professional wedding photographer, and, if you choose us for your wedding photography, you’ll realize how all this helps you have a better wedding.

Recent Engagements

We have a few select images below from some of our favorite engagement photo sessions. If you want a little more in-depth look, check out Recent Engagements Sessions. And if you’re ready to hire a professional wedding photographer for your engagement session, click on the link below to fill out a short form. Or, if it’s easier, call or text 865-446-0487.