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This is where we have all the answers to what we do, how we do it and why it’s so important.

What we do

We listen. We take notes. We share our experiences. We guide you toward the best possible wedding day. We point out potential issues. We listen more. We create clear expectations. We deliver killer images of your wedding day. We offer lifetime storage of your images (no extra charge). We grow relationships with our couples.

How we dot it

We listen. We take notes. We share our experiences. Sound familiar? We help you identify the pieces of the day and help prioritize them. We help you understand your venue. We even walk it with you if you want (no extra charge). We help you identify a “timeline driver.” This can be your planner or coordinator. If you choose to not hire one, we’ll help you create a thorough timeline and give you pointers on the right personality to choose to be your timeline driver. A timeline driver is someone who reminds folks of where to be and when to be there.

Why it’s so important

Why are wedding photos so important to us? These are fleeting moments. The time on your wedding day will zoom past about 10 times faster than any other day. We know the value of all the possible moments. Every moment has a story to tell. We want to give you a complete story in pictures of your wedding day. And we think of your wedding not just for the day it is, but the day it will become in 10 years or 100 years. These photos will have a life of their own and become more valuable over time.

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Our Approach

If you want to read a little about our creative process and approach, go HERE.

The Wedding Blog

If you want even more info, crazy tales, and see if a hot air ballon is really a great place for an engagement, visit The Wedding Blog. We feature real weddings of all sizes, stories from the interwebs, and lessons we’ve learned the hard way. Some of the stories are funny. We take our craft serious, but we never take ourselves serious. Read a few posts. Leave a comment. Share with friends. It’s fun!!!